Blindfold Removed

10 Jul

The other day we went to the county’s gun range to try out the 100-yd. range. We were the only ones on that range, but there were a decent amount of folks on the 25 and 50-yard ranges. The fella there told me that the weekdays are really picking up, and the weekends are crowded. Out of the blue, he said he thought it was due to the fact that Hitlery may become president.

Now I don’t go around talking politics — sex, or religion either for that matter — with strangers, so I thought it was kind of odd that he pegged me as a conservative. Then I got to thinking about the FBI and the DOJ not indicting the charlatan, and realized that this was the kind of something that puts a scare in both sides of the aisle…….at least for the thinking people. Anyone who still blindly supports the grifter is not born lacking oxygen; they’re retarded.

As everyone can plainly see, we’ve got a government that’s not of the people, but above the people. We’ve reached the point where they blatantly disregard the constitution by openly breaking its laws to prove that they can, and they can do so without reprimands. Punishment is reserved for the earth people not the sky people. They’ve got more guns than the military, after all.

Short of secession or a revolution, we must proceed by civilized means to extricate the root of this growing, gangrene, puss-filled cyst on our country. Perhaps our Lancelot isn’t who we imagined, but let me say this: In the story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, it was a wiseacre kid who shouted, “Look! The king’s schlong is hangin out!” (or words to that effect). Trump is like the kid because he doesn’t care how he says it, he just calls it like he sees it; be it civil or uncouth. Years ago, I watched a Judge Judy episode where she said: “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” It’s funny. It’s crude. It’s shrewd. Above all, it’s the truth. People are sick of hearing lies purported as truths.

If I were the CEO of the overpaid sky grifters, I would push for gun control of the earth people, then accelerate to disarmament. I would bring in an abundance of foreigners, and have the earth people support them, while making sure the sky grifters gave the foreigners special privileges. I would own the voting machines to make sure I got the sky grifters I wanted (those who could be bought to further my agenda.) I would own the media to distract from any of my illegal activities. I would make sure education was limited to what I wanted taught, eventually banning American history. I would conglomerate countries’ banks to make my life easier. If I felt truly threatened by one or more of the earth people, I would make an accident happen to eliminate them. My tentacles would reach so far that if I lost one, it could easily be regrown.

Since I am not a CEO, none of this could happen, right? The sky people made a bold statement on the Fourth of July weekend, and it damn sure wasn’t about the earth peoples’ freedom. I’d say the ball’s in our court. If we lose this election, I’m expecting the moxie-filled Trump to insist upon a recall election like Austria…..

Mark Twain once wrote, “History never repeats itself, but the Kaleidoscopic combinations of the pictured present often seem to be constructed out of the broken fragments of antique legends.” I believe the SHTF pretty soon here in the US of A.






Hide and Seek

24 Jun

When I played hide-and-seek as a child, I found the game boring. As the seeker it was too easy for me to find the hider. Likewise, when I was the hider, the game would have to end because I couldn’t be found.

Yesterday I got to thinking about how our media (both social and syndicated) is playing this very game with us. The only difference is that they are creatively hiding truths, and we are forced to find them. This is also an easy game……………if you’re a good seeker.

Because social and syndicated media sites are privately and/or corporately owned by billionaires, they may deflect the seekers path by creating a diversion in order to achieve their desired outcome. For instance, what was/is “trending” on social media was/is still the Sit-Yo-Ass-Down-Ya-Big-Dem-Dummy for gun control show.

As everyone was glued to C-SPAN (NOT) watching a bunch of sweating jackasses sittin around in the House, our fourth amendment right got saved by two votes in the Senate. I repeat; two. This happened with a Republican majority, nonetheless. Thanks GOP. (And they are dumbfounded by how Trump came to be the likely GOP nominee?)

Speaking of Trump, there just happened to be an assassination attempt on him. Historically, this would be big news. Not so in syndicated media’s game of hide-and-seek. The fact that the perp is an illegal immigrant needs to be kept under wraps.

Now that SCOTUS has ruled Obama’s immigration policies unconstitutional, (technically, they were tied so it went to the lower court’s correct ruling) Clinton fell right in line with her handler’s wishes and proclaimed their deadlocked position “unacceptable”.

As I mentioned above, certain billionaires do have a desired outcome. What it is seems hidden. As a seeker, I would note that the common thread they share is 1) Political involvement 2) Foundations for Education 3) Dystopian views of equality. In essence, they are the Grandpa Clinton Foundation.

Is the assimilation of Muslims part of the overall plan? It is the RoP (religion of peace), after all. The plan being that everyone is equal except said billionaires………and their henchmen (government employees, lobbyists, private militia, &c.).

Personally, I thought the Muslims would thwart this we-are-one globalization effort by just, well; being Muslims. Britain certainly took notice and wised up. Wonder if America will. Yesterday, the Saudi Prince met with Zuckerberg. It was said to be for educational purposes. You tell me. Tag – you’re it.

Strange Bedfellows

18 Jun

Aside from the Log Cabin Republicans, gay conservatives do exist; they’re just in the closet. One gay conservative who had the courage to “come out” is Milo Yiannopoulos from Breitbart. Currently on a college speaking tour entitled, The Dangerous Faggot, Milo (@Nero on Twitter) proudly bashes feminism, socialism, BLM, gun control, Islam, and liberal gays. He’s also a yuuge Trump fan.

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, gun sales spiked in Orlando and other cities. I’m pretty sure the majority of buyers were of the gay persuasion. The smart gays are now starting to listen to Milo and facing the truth about the tenets of Islam. More importantly, the smart gays are seeing which side of the political aisle would be better suited for their well-being.

As Hillary and Obama pushed the gun control agenda in the aftermath, Trump instead reiterated the need to stop allowing Muslims in that threaten Americans’ (note: gay) freedoms. So while gays will vote for Trump, the mere thought of uttering, “Trump 2016”, is worse than coming out.

The GOP claims they want to attract a more diverse group of people. Trump’s primary win was record breaking. Obviously, his numbers includes gays. So what does the GOP do? They decide to do something the liberal left exceeds at: Go FULLRETARD(TM) by pushing this #NeverTrump, #DumpTrump BS so they can have their “winning” candidate. WTF? (Reminder: Romney received a mere 22% of the gay vote!)

Let’s see, we’ve had nearly 8 years of feckless, chaotic, government bumfluckery, and suddenly four years of Trump scares them? I believe it would behoove the #DumpTrump dummies to wake up and smell the roses. A third party splits the GOP vote and hands Clinton (or her replacement) the presidency. It’s very simple, really. You either ride the Trump train or you fly the Billary broomstick. (I can hear the cackling…)

While conservatives are being shadowbanned by Facebook and Twitter, the third-party, #DumpTrump cuckservatives suffer from amnesia (IRS, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, Benghazi, Omnibus……that’s just off the top of my head) and screech insanely about Clinton’s lead in the polls. They also seem to forget how Trump polled at the beginning of the GOP race. Hmmmm….

Instead of uniting the party, these folks just cannot bear to lose their standing as Queen of the Hill. Their bedfellow, the King, is the Democrat party. Little Eddie Munster (Paul Ryan, self-anointed Prince) is lying on his stomach, pounding his fists and legs as he throws a screaming tantrum to not be dethroned. What a fantastically sick and twisted political drama D.C. has become. Shakespeare would have had a field day with this skullduggery.

As common sense is as hidden as a gay in the closet, it is interesting that a brash, businessman/reality star is looking more and more like a sane leader amongst insane sycophants.

Dead Zone

7 Jun

Over the weekend, I started watching this show called, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This is about a girl who has been trapped in an underground bunker for 15 years – being kidnapped by the leader of an apocalypse cult — and is now rescued at the age of 29. It’s a funny show with excellent music. More importantly, it got me thinking…..

What if you went into a coma in 1984 and woke up now in 2016? Aside from being awed and amazed by technology, you would probably be wondering wtf happened to what you considered normal social mores.

In 30 something years, it seems that technological education was enhanced while civics was left to rot. This progressive dummying down of America was by design. The Gods of the Market Place love their toys, but loathe individual thinkers who would dare to question their motives.

Because America is the greatest nation on the earth, and is currently predominantly white Christians, the easiest way to take control of it is by dummying down its citizens, and diversifying its race, religion, and customs. Voila! It’s 1984 no more………..not even close.

When you have Ivy League students unable to answer who we fought in the Revolutionary War, you know damn well something bad has happened in Oz. The wishes of the Gods of the Market Place is so glaringly obvious, one would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to follow the narrative they’ve formulated.

Look at the candidates. We’ve got the Democrat whom they can control, and the Republican whom they can’t. They wanted Bush, but would’ve settled for Kasich or Rubio. Trump threw them a side ball that they weren’t expecting. Now the absurd attacks begin. How is it absurd? Hmmm….. let’s look at the latest attack:

Mr. Trump is involved with a rigged lawsuit involving his university. When he claims the judge has a conflict of interest (which he does) he is stating a simple truth. For that truth, he is crucified. The people who attend his rallies and are beaten up by Mexicans, blacks, and white thugs are blamed because they want to listen to Trump, (the nerve!) and he is guilty because he incites this? This is done by the media and RINOs from his own party! God forbid they condemn the actual perpetrators of violence, and obstructers of free speech.

Meanwhile, on the side whose shit don’t stink, the Liar-In-Wanna-be-Chief is currently under federal investigation for a federal crime she committed while serving as a federally elected government official! Constitutionally, she should not be allowed to run! Amendment 14 Section 3: No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

I’m thinking aid and comfort to the enemies thereof. If I wanted to wheel and deal illegally with unfriendly countries to the US right under my bosses’ noses, I would set up a foundation for money laundering and/or favours while using my own private e-mail server and phone. Hmmm….

As the pieces of the puzzle are so neatly aligned (without any engineering from Trump,) congress plays patty-cake (as they’ve done with this president) and the media refocuses public attention on trannies takin a whiz with the girls, and anything anti-Trump.

Both of the candidates’ trials will be after elections. Trump will win his, and Hillary will have to be pardoned by Obama, which he’ll do as she’s got the shit on him. (My prediction, anyway.)

Personally, I think the Gods of the Marketplace underestimate the Muslims. Moreover, I believe they underestimate Americans. I wonder what they would do if every taxpayer in America just ignored April 15th. If they cannot ship off 11 million illegals, it’s highly unlikely they can jail 53 million taxpayers.

How is it taxpayer-funded abortion is shoved down our throats in one breath, while taxpayer-funded medical care for an illegal Zika-infected baby for the rest of its life in the other breath acceptable?

Crikey. Maybe we’ve actually been in a coma since 1984 after all.

What he said

20 May

Sometimes the best things to read online are the comments. A post by Gerard Van der Leun at American Digest on why we should vote for Trump, brought out the usual #NeverTrumpers. This excerpt from a comment was in reply to one:

Your enemy is tribal and worships mythology.
Your enemy cannot bend to reason or logic.
Your enemy is envious, jealous, and conniving.
Your enemy is philosophy and people.
Your enemy is training to kill you.

Posted by: Dan Patterson at May 19, 2016 5:04 AM

The comment got me thinking about an interview I read: This fella, Jesse Hughes, is the lead singer of the metal band, Eagles of Death Metal. His perception of the slaughter in the Bataclan is quite different from the media’s and the Parisian populace in general. The interview is disturbing on many levels.

As Europe is left paralyzed by their own fear of offending Islam, our lefty administration, as well as the lefty shills running for POTUS, won’t even call it by its name: Islamic terrorism perpetrated by Muslim terrorists. See how easy that was?

Personally, I’m sick to death of people crying a river over the philosophical reasons to not vote for Trump. The lofty idealists gave us four more years of misery. So go on and vote for Gary Johnson or Sanders Claws so we can have Hillary, aka, Obama 2: The Resurrection. Oh, and thanks………….…………

fer nuthin.


16 May

The other day I started writing a piece on Trump, but got sidetracked. This is the problem when the mind goes too fast. Life was so much easier as a mermaid; I could take pity on and be friendly to those that couldn’t swim. When up is down and down is up, my cynicism grows burdensome. Surely I would be happier under the sea…… but I digress –

If we get down to basics in its simplest form; everything collates into a big wants/needs pile with the wants forever topping the needs in importance. That is human nature. (And as an aside, the chief reason our govt.’s currently in the crapper.)

For instance, I really want a procedure called Thermi-Va. It promises multiple orgasms; therefore, it becomes a need. After all, who doesn’t need multiple orgasms? By combining the two, I have justified the importance of spending on something superfluous. But…..

If we were to look throughout the history of govt. spending, we would find more “buts” than all the butts on Instagram. Example: “You know, Bob, if we spend the money to divert that waterway, it’s going to put us in the red, and screw the farmers.” “But, Frank; the North American red-spotted tadpole is on the verge of extinction!”

The stimulus becomes the omnibus as the wants, via the “buts”, transform into the needs. They wonder why Trump’s so popular? Easy. Folks can no longer afford their wants disguised as needs.


Date Night

21 Apr

Instead of watching a show last night, I watched this Youtube video on the Hydroplane Theory. What I love about this video is that it is presented by a mechanical engineer, so the theory is explained in very logical terms. It is basic 9th grade science, so the understanding of it is accessible. In other words, if this dumb blonde can get it, anyone can!

When you have a free night, watch this on the tell a vision or the computer. If you watch with someone, you will have fun discussing it afterwards.


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