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20 May

Sometimes the best things to read online are the comments. A post by Gerard Van der Leun at American Digest on why we should vote for Trump, http://americandigest.org/mt-archives/american_studies/the_meltdown_on_the_right.php brought out the usual #NeverTrumpers. This excerpt from a comment was in reply to one:

Your enemy is tribal and worships mythology.
Your enemy cannot bend to reason or logic.
Your enemy is envious, jealous, and conniving.
Your enemy is philosophy and people.
Your enemy is training to kill you.

Posted by: Dan Patterson at May 19, 2016 5:04 AM

The comment got me thinking about an interview I read: http://takimag.com/article/surrendering_to_death_gavin_mcinnes#axzz49ERoyvBq This fella, Jesse Hughes, is the lead singer of the metal band, Eagles of Death Metal. His perception of the slaughter in the Bataclan is quite different from the media’s and the Parisian populace in general. The interview is disturbing on many levels.

As Europe is left paralyzed by their own fear of offending Islam, our lefty administration, as well as the lefty shills running for POTUS, won’t even call it by its name: Islamic terrorism perpetrated by Muslim terrorists. See how easy that was?

Personally, I’m sick to death of people crying a river over the philosophical reasons to not vote for Trump. The lofty idealists gave us four more years of misery. So go on and vote for Gary Johnson or Sanders Claws so we can have Hillary, aka, Obama 2: The Resurrection. Oh, and thanks………….…………

fer nuthin.


16 May

The other day I started writing a piece on Trump, but got sidetracked. This is the problem when the mind goes too fast. Life was so much easier as a mermaid; I could take pity on and be friendly to those that couldn’t swim. When up is down and down is up, my cynicism grows burdensome. Surely I would be happier under the sea…… but I digress –

If we get down to basics in its simplest form; everything collates into a big wants/needs pile with the wants forever topping the needs in importance. That is human nature. (And as an aside, the chief reason our govt.’s currently in the crapper.)

For instance, I really want a procedure called Thermi-Va. It promises multiple orgasms; therefore, it becomes a need. After all, who doesn’t need multiple orgasms? By combining the two, I have justified the importance of spending on something superfluous. But…..

If we were to look throughout the history of govt. spending, we would find more “buts” than all the butts on Instagram. Example: “You know, Bob, if we spend the money to divert that waterway, it’s going to put us in the red, and screw the farmers.” “But, Frank; the North American red-spotted tadpole is on the verge of extinction!”

The stimulus becomes the omnibus as the wants, via the “buts”, transform into the needs. They wonder why Trump’s so popular? Easy. Folks can no longer afford their wants disguised as needs.


Date Night

21 Apr

Instead of watching a show last night, I watched this Youtube video on the Hydroplane Theory. What I love about this video is that it is presented by a mechanical engineer, so the theory is explained in very logical terms. It is basic 9th grade science, so the understanding of it is accessible. In other words, if this dumb blonde can get it, anyone can!

When you have a free night, watch this on the tell a vision or the computer. If you watch with someone, you will have fun discussing it afterwards.

The Outsiders

6 Apr

“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.” ~ Karl Marx


Throughout my voting years, people have told me that it is futile to vote because the “ruling class” decides who will be the next president. I’ve always considered these folks to be conspiracy theorists. Then along comes Sanders and Trump, and all of a sudden; we’ve got two outsiders emerge who have disrupted the system thereby shining a light on the hidden machinations.

In the film, All The President’s Men, the character, Deep Throat, offers the sage advice to “follow the money”. When we follow the money, we come to see that we are indeed being played. Let’s look at the Clinton/Sanders election.

Without a doubt Hillary Clinton is the establishment’s choice for several reasons; the most important being that she can be bought. After leaving the state department Hillary accrued $12 million in speaking fees. It is interesting to see who she spoke to……. Surely shelling out six figures for a 30-minute speech isn’t for special favors in return, right?

Next in Clinton’s arsenal are the super PACs. These well-oiled machines spew out a plethora of negative ads. Would you believe $3 million alone was spent on negative Trump ads? A quick look at who her top contributors are gives you an idea of the amount of money shelled out and to whom favors are to be returned……

Top that off with a majority of superdelegates in her pocket, and Sanders’ only hope is that she will be indicted. Then again, the establishment does not want Sanders. Why? He will upset the rank and file of the “oppressing class”, aka the establishment, aka the elite, aka the bourgeoisie. Not that Sanders doesn’t have super PACs forking out money and doing some dirty work. One need only go to a Trump speech to find these dregs of society intimidating voters……

On the right, we have the Trump/Cruz/C3P0 election. Trump has put the establishment in quite a pickle. Why? Prior to running he held a position in their ranks. He is doing the unthinkable by not taking their money. The buck stops here, so to speak. They know very well what this means; like Sanders, their rank and file will now be upset. This has wreaked havoc in the Republican primaries. The super PACs have spent millions for Bush, then Rubio, and now Kasich and Cruz……..

Unlike the Democrats, they know that if Trump reaches the magical 1237 delegate count, they are screwed. In response, they have started to play dirty by stealing Trump’s already claimed delegates, running negative ads, placing negative media of Trump in place of important current events, and hinting that they may change the rules again at a contested convention……

What I find the most fascinating about this race is that I believe Sanders and Trump will not go gentle into that good night. My hopes are that they don’t.

No Sex Please, We’re Republican

31 Mar

Lately, there’s been a lot of hoopla on the interwebs over the National Enquirer story about Cruz having five mistresses. Interestingly (or not), none of the major news outlets are mentioning it. Let’s face it; while the NE has broken some factual and tawdry news, they are best known for their outrageous and patently false news.

When I see a story like this, I look at the big picture. What will voters do if it is true? Personally, I don’t care about Cruzes’ sex life so long as it wasn’t on the taxpayers’ dime. Will the majority think as I do? I think so. I believe at this point most Americans have decided their vote.

Some people say the NE story was put out by Trump for revenge of Cruzes’ campaign ad — which happened to be funny but below the belt — of Melania . This I know to be false as I had seen this Cruz sex scandal video on the youtube prior to the Cruz ad. Now the ad comparing Heidi and Melania was a tweet that Trump retweeted — which was also below the belt, but funny nonetheless — and it was his knee-jerk reaction to the Cruz ad. The reality is that they’re both behaving childishly.

Probably the most sinister thing I have heard about this NE story is that establishment GOP is behind it in order that both candidates be brought down and Ryan/Kasich go up as the GOP ticket. If there’s any truth to that, they are foolish and are asking for another McCain/Romney result.

While Obama does the Wave and Tangos (Whiskey Trot Fox) with the commies in Cuba as our ally gets burned by ISIS, while young and dumb Americans cheer a decrepit, snake-oil selling Socialist (aka Birdman), and while Hillary skates above the law with the help of a crony and corrupt DOJ, it’s good to know that the most important issues are the Republican candidates since one is a “racist-Islamaphobic agitator”, and the other a “sex-crazed liar”. Help. Me. Now.


The Great Uncucking

27 Mar

The Great Awakening refers to several periods of Christian revival in the United States. With that in mind, I suggest that we may be on the verge of what I call The Great Uncucking. Like churches i…

Source: The Great Uncucking


21 Mar

When I consider the issues that a new president must face, I like to grade the issues on a most important/least important scale. For me, the most important issue facing our new president is the economy.

Obviously, I don’t buy into the rosy 4.9% unemployment U-3 BLS rate. The BLS U-6 rate of 10% includes short-term, and those required to work part-time because they can’t find full-time. The SGS (Shadow Government Stat) is 22.8%. Here are some issues that contribute to the rate:

Now that the ACA has decreed 30 hours is full-time, many businesses cannot afford the health insurance, thus leading to more part-time workers.

With corporate taxes being the highest in the world, many corporations are moving their plants out of this country. Since 2/2015 to now, the US has added 360,000 waiters, and only 12,000 manufacturing workers.

Because the Obama administration gutted the Clinton administration’s welfare reforms, many people who truly don’t need assistance are straining the already indebted system.

Every year government wasteful spending is in the billions; just google where and to whom some of the crap your taxpayer dollars are shelled out. Let me help: http://cagw.org/sites/default/files/pdf/Pig-Book-2015.pdf

These are just a few issues that the next president will have to tackle. How much knowledge does each of the candidates possess regarding businesses? How many employees have they hired/fired? How well do they work with others? Do they have any incentives to keep corporations in the US? How do they feel about the H1B visas, specifically enforcing the law on companies (like Disney) who have used loopholes to abuse the law by disenfranchising American workers for lower-paid immigrant workers? What do they think about TPP?

Now I know black lives matter, and cops lives matter, and gays need wedding cakes, and Christians need prayer chains, and Muslims need prayer rooms, and Mexicans don’t want a wall, and climate changers won’t be denied. But these just don’t fall under my “top” priorities for the next president.


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