The Obervers

14 May

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching a sci-fi show called Fringe. In it there are these characters called the Observers. They are these bald guys wearing 50’s suits who appear at momentous events in time. The Observers are able to view time on a linear plane, so they can see the future, and the multiple possibilities that lead to it.

Without giving it away, one Observer, named September, mistakenly alters events causing quite the brouhaha, as the future relies on one particular man.

This got me thinking about Trump. The importance of this man in this time will probably be significant in future history books. If I were an Observer, I definitely would’ve wanted Trump in this position at this time; if for nothing else, than to expose the left for the hypocrites that they are.

While the left mocks Trump’s cries of “Witch Hunt”, they simultaneously refuse to come to terms with their own dirt. The MSM reports 24/7 on Trump’s alleged affair with a porn star from 10 years ago, but doesn’t answer why the Obama administration forked over $10 billion to Iran since 2013. Why is that? Could it be a bribe?

The two-year hunt for Red October is proving there is no Russian collusion, only collusion between our intelligence community and Britain. The same MSM who screamed that National Security Advisor, General Flynn, was violating the Logan Act does a 360 and literally touts Secretary of State FORMER Secretary of State, John Kerry, for discussing nuclear negotiations with Iran! (Speaking of General Flynn; I’m pretty sure he was a pawn that the FBI is still using for a smokescreen to cover their charade.)

When Obama’s DOJ handed a felony conviction to Dinesh D’Souza for illegal campaign contributions, the leftist MSM celebrated. Now that Rosie O’ Donnell is in the hot seat, there’s not a peep from the media…..except conservative sites.

During the Obama regime, that’s the thing that drove me crazy: The left not reporting or glossing over Obama’s major foibles. Every day there seemed to be a new atrocity that was brushed under the rug. The beauty of Trump is that he announces via Twitter everything. Americans are getting information straight from the president’s mouth. He is brash, unapologetic, and brutally honest. He’s also keeping most of his campaign promises.

There will always be the diehard Trump-derangement-syndrome flunkies who cannot refuse to see what true progress looks like. Likewise, there will always be the globalists whose idealism is in direct conflict with a pro-nationalist president. The reality is that most Americans are faring better under this administration, and any contender pushing to end the Tax Reform Act is doomed.



The Hillary Effect

10 Apr


The Sound Logic of Tony Robbins

8 Apr

Yesterday, I purchased a Tony Robbins CD set as a gift. I really dig Robbins as I find him to be not only inspiring, but logical. Imagine my surprise (not) when he also happened to be in the news yesterday for triggering libs. I had a WTF?! moment for a beat. (That’s as long as my surprise lasts with them anymore.)

In one of his seminars, Tony referenced the #MeToo movement by making the statement, “If you use the #MeToo movement to try to get significance and certainty by attacking someone else, all you’ve done is, basically, use a drug called significance to make yourself feel good.”

When an alleged “survivor” of the cat-hat wearing brigade challenged him, he told her about some of his powerful male clients who won’t hire a more qualified woman over men because of the risk. This comment lit up Twitter with the usual “invective reasoning”. Read the tweets in the aforementioned link.

Not so surprisingly, Mr. Robbins’ logic is what escapes the liberal mind. If a woman has the power of proximity alone to accuse a man of sexual abuse — whether true or not – and the accused is then sentenced and condemned without due process, you inevitably create an intimidated workplace to the point that a female applicant will indeed be overlooked in favor of her male counterparts vying for the same position.

As for my Tony Robbins purchase; I’m completely satisfied. Translation: #noregrets #ImWithHim

Tweet of the Day

4 Apr

I’m not letting a mentally deranged, vegan activist nutjob YouTube shooter change my opinion of vegan activist nutjobs and suddenly think that they’re ALL batshit crazy.Nope. No way.

I ALREADY think they’re all batshit crazy.

FluffyDogAttack 🇺🇸 (@FluffyDogAttack)

Happy Easter!

1 Apr

Mary Heuss Nelson

Psalm 14:1
The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

Otherwise known as “The Fools Creed”. To say there is no God is truly one of the most foolish stands that anyone could possibly take. The person who claims there is no God denies His existence simply because they do not want there to be a God, an irrational position to take, to say the least!

First of all to say there is no God, is a claim to all knowledge; It is saying, “I know everything. It is not possible that a God could exist beyond the boundaries of my knowledge.” This is the height of pride and arrogance. Mankind has so deluded themselves into thinking that they know absolutely everything, that they have succeeded in knowing nothing true. They go around patting themselves on the back for all that they have learned apart from God….how sad and foolish!

Second, this attitude claims omnipresence; it says, “I am present in all places at one time, and it is not possible that God could exist anywhere in the universe without my knowing about it.” The individual who claims this is ignoring the wonders and complexity of creation, the immensity of the universe, the precise movement of the planets, the design of the human body and brain, the way a seed sprouts from the soil as a plant…..etc. The theory that all this happened by chance is just not even in the realm of possibilities! That is why God calls atheists fools.

There is a definite connection between a person’s creed, and conduct that comes from said creed. The lower a person’s conception of God is, the lower their morals are apt to be.
Barnes writes: “The belief that there is no God is commonly founded on the desire to lead a wicked life, or is embraced by those who in fact live such a life, with a desire to sustain themselves in their depravity and to avoid fear of future retribution.”
I believe this to be the crux of why people hold so vigilantly to evolution. If you believe that you came from an ape, then you need act no better than one! There is no God in your mind that you are responsible to so it is permissible to act however you feel like acting. It is extreme selfishness and pride.

Romans 1:20 says, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”
Creation demands a Creator. Design demands a Designer. By looking up at the sun, moon, and stars; anyone can know there is a God. There will be no excuse when one stands before God, for He has displayed Himself in creation for them to know of His existence, they cannot say they didn’t know!

Thank You Father God for creating all that exists. Thank You for sending Jesus to shed His blood for my sins and redeem me to You so that I can spend eternity in heaven. I love You so and give You all praise this day, Amen!

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Men in America

13 Mar

Last week I watched the start of this series by Tucker Carlson titled, Men in America. The eight-minute intro gives some depressing statistics about men in America. For instance, men now outnumber women in earlier death, addiction, depression, suicide, lower education, and obesity. The most disturbing aspect of this report was sperm count: It’s down by 60%, and testosterone is 30% lower than the early 70’s (how did they even get that statistic?)

On the FB everyone’s got the answer. I got tickled by one lady’s comment that it was a good thing testosterone was lower because there would be less violence in America. Let’s see…. a list of the 10 most violent countries in the world are: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Somalia, Sudan, DR Congo, Pakistan, and North Korea. The one thing that pops out to me is violence from oppression not high testosterone. There’s an interesting study on testosterone, giving it more credit than the “violent” hormone label. A lack of testosterone is not a good thing……just ask Caster Semenya’s competitors.

In 1968 ADHD was formally recognized (it was Childhood Hyperkinetic somethingruther before that, and it wasn’t given much concern). Then, in the 80’s and 90’s, the Schedule II drug, Ritalin, became the drug of choice that most doctors teachers were recommending for ADHD. By the time boys reach high school, nearly 20% of them will be drugged treated for being boys. What are the long-term side effects? Low testosterone and/or sperm count? Depression?

As others have said, and I agree, the problems of men in America are caused by multiple factors. Liberals don’t want to admit to liberalism being a factor, but LBJ’s Great Society legislation made it more lucrative to be a single parent rather than a family unit. There are three times more single mothers today than in 1960, 40% of US babies are born to single mothers, 56% of millennials having babies are single, and 50% of babies are born into welfare. Statistically, it appears that many young boys are lacking a father figure.

In addition, liberals now have decided to dump biology. Do boys really feel more empowerment referencing themselves as gender fluid? The way the libs have placed Bruce Kaitlin Jenner on a pedestal; they’ve made it pretty clear that being a successful, white, athletic boy with a penis is a shameful thing. It’s referred to as toxic masculinity. Huh? Seriously, WTF? How is a boy to become a man when he can no longer “present” (dumb a/f lib term) as a boy? Could this lead to loneliness, confusion, and/or suicidal thoughts?

Now then; if you’re a slave to your dogs like me, you’ll get outside and walk every day. In doing so, you may notice that there isn’t the number of kids outside playing that there used to be before the technological boom. Instead of athletic, healthy boys, we are seeing more and more hunchbacked tubbies. How important is diet and exercise? What are the disadvantages of communicating the majority of time via cell phone or social media? Is a boy’s self-worth through Siri or Alexa?

These are some of my thoughts. Also, I do wonder if the narrative of the evil American man has been pushed so far that the imbalance has kept a majority of women immune to the pitfalls that American men are facing. This series is every Wednesday in March on Fox News Channel. I look forward to watching the show tomorrow night to see what Tucker says…..









Whatchya Wearin?

7 Mar

Lately, when I’ve logged onto the Facebook, I seem to run across the same people as I scroll. At first I thought these friends just post a lot, which is kind of true. Then I thought I had been banned from a lot of people, which is also kind of true. But the sinister option that I did not want to admit to myself was that I am being algorithmed.

Remember when the libs went full retard on the FB over Trump saying president for life is not a bad idea? (They’ll never get his humor). Zuckerberg’s pal, President Xi in China, on the other hand, isn’t joking. He’s pulling another Zuckerberg via Jack Ma (Alibaba) to algoritihm the Chinese into good indentured servants.

A few years back, Zuckerberg helped China via Facebook. I’m pretty sure this is when his commie fantasy of being president for life took root as he brought his algorithms home to roost. If you recall, he did a “tour” of America to meet his constituency. Why else would he talk to farmers in the Midwest about his diaper-wearin, golden-egg-layin chickens?

If conservatives think that it’s rough having their second amendment right slammed, take a look at what’s happening to our first amendment. Billion dollar companies (FB, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon) receiving tax subsidies control a majority of the information you relay/receive. They want to control what you say and what you think (not to mention, what you wear)……….which is exactly why Mueller is still able to spend hard-earned tax dollars on a scam. The biggest sham in history is being played out in order to protect an elite class of tax-payer funded individuals from being prosecuted and thrown into the hoosegow.

While Boris, Natasha, and mindless Dems cheer on Mueller’s tax-bleeding, so called “due process” charade, they have no problems disregarding due process as it relates to their mindless #metoo crusade against men. In case you need a refresher: #blacklivesmatter, #bluelivesdont. Illegals are welcome to suckle from Uncle Sam’s teat, but war heroes must remain sitting in VA waiting rooms. Guns kill people, but abortions kill blobs.

Thank you, social media and algorithms. #tyrannyrocks By the by; does the media really hate Trump and conservatives? Honestly, being that they’re so unbiased and everything (only 93%negative press); I just wasn’t positively sure.

In the end we’ll get the last laugh. We’re Americans after all (except for those undocumented illegal squatters). Unfortunately, it’s at that point that it’s not funny for anyone anymore. History lesson: