I Can Ham

29 Aug

A few posts back, I was lamenting the fact that the only source for real news was via the internet. Now that Obama may possibly hand it over to the UN, what could possibly go wrong?

When I first heard about this a coupla years back, I thought it must not be anything important. Being the technological genius that I’m not, I didn’t realise the impact of a domain name. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, is basically a registered phonebook of internet users.

ICANN inherited WHOIS, and WHOIS protocol remains largely unchanged since 1999 – in spite of over a decade of task forces, working groups and studies, and changes in privacy laws. As a result, WHOIS is at the center of long-running debate and study at ICANN, among other Internet governance institutions, and in the global Internet community.

That last paragraph from the ICANN website pretty much sums up what the conflicts of interest will be should any rules of the internet be decided by multiple countries.

Consider this: If Zuckerberg can decide what is acceptable on Facebook, and Kordestani can decide what is abusive on Twitter, then who will decide what is read and said outside of private domains?

We already know that the NY times called on Google to put an end to “Hillary’s health” searches . So the new First Amendment is that you’re free to proclaim death wishes to Trump, but cannot question Her Majesty’s well-being. (Free to think as we).

In essence, we are living in a dystopian novel; Thought Police, et al. I reckon it may be time for folks to become reacquainted with the Ham radio……


Rule 5: High Rises

28 Aug

How to get a rise out of libs and cuckervatives …………….

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Memes and Media Talking Points

27 Aug

When I hear the term, “damsel in distress”, I conjure up a virgin maiden tied to a post, screaming her head off because A) she’s about to become a frightening dragon’s meal, and B) she knows damn well he prefers Virgin Flambé.

After trying to convince my youngest sister of the reasons not to vote for Hillary, only to be brushed off with memes and media talking points, I’m feeling a bit like that damsel in distress; sans the virginity and the blood-curling scream.

The problem with Hillary lovers is that they’re stuck in this creepy maze of darkness. Whenever you try to throw them a flashlight, it gets thwarted by the media shield.

Perhaps if memes were shined above the maze, like the batman signal, these folks could see the liar for who she is…..…… indulge me.

Hillary’s first job:


She didn’t dawdle as First Lady of Arkansas:


As FLOTUS, there was Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Lewinsky, Vincent Foster, &c.

As Senator of NY, she agreed with her Republican president more often than disagreeing with him (Patriot Act, Iraq, Afghanistan, TARP, &c.)




The fun really begins when she becomes Secretary of State. She set up a private e-mail server on her first day:

This was okay because she said Colin Powell told her he did the same thing:


She seemed to have deleted a few “unimportant” e-mails:



Her aide, Huma Abedin, has some e-mails that are too “unimportant” for congress to even be allowed to look at:

No conflict of interest there. Must be a coincidence that Obama has a Muslim aide (chief advisor) with questionable ties too:

Maybe the e-mails were about Russia:



She did seem to cozy up to the bear after money was paid to the Clinton Foundation:


Were the e-mails concerning the Clinton Foundation? What a coincidence that the Clinton Foundation would receive money, and the donor would be granted their wish:

except the people who needed it…..


I don’t think the Haitians much care for the Clintons:


Were the e-mails to cover up the gun running in Benghazi?


Were they about the orders to stand down as the embassy was attacked?

With an upcoming election bungle such as this; could these e-mails have been about a video being the cause?

And no, this same thing didn’t happen under Bush:

What about her health?



Dr. Drew spoke out about being very concerned about her health, and was canned.


The media tells us everything is fine:


Nothing to see here:

It’s all just a coincidence:



Ian Fleming had something to say about coincidences:





Thomas Jefferson had something to say about liars:


















Lost in the Scandal Fog

16 Aug

Have you ever wondered what the hello happens to those people who get lost in the Bermuda Triangle? Why do boats and planes get lost? Does the earth have some sort of magnetic force that confuses both the people and the instruments that guide them? Are they forever lost?

The other day I was thinking that our government is like the Bermuda Triangle entrapping its citizens. Once trapped, it seems that a good many Americans are lost and confused in the scandal fog perpetuated on a daily basis by our govt. Perhaps 81 years of socialist programs induces this infantile belief in the absurd. The infantile belief in the absurd is that the US govt. is of the people, for the people, by the people.

When crime committed by the govt. is not punished, people will assume there has A) been no crime or B) the govt. employee or branch of govt. is above the law. The former would be the group that is floundering in the Bermuda Triangle. On the bright side, it appears that that group is getting smaller and smaller (another lil tidbit that the govt. media will not broadcast.)

A majority of malcontented masses typically leads to a revolt. Before every revolution, there are obvious signs: Over-indulgent leaders, high taxes, costly wars, national debt, desperate citizens, and the lighthouse keepers. These are the folks shining the light of truth for the masses.

It must be terribly frustrating for the lighthouse keepers; shining their light into the fog, and showing people a way out of the Bermuda Triangle, only to have their lights snubbed out by a govt.-controlled media.

In this day and age in America, the internet is the lighthouse keeper of our time. We’ve got Edward Snowden shining the light on the NSA, Julian Assange shining the light on Clinton, Dinesh D’Souza shining the light on the Clinton Foundation, &c.

Ironically, while the govt. is procuring every means possible to set the stage of the images it wants people to see, the technological advancements of this century have made it possible for people to see in real time via a social media account what is actually happening. Can a liberal answer this question: Why are conservative social media sites censored and/or shadow-banned?

Personally, I believe the citizenry of the US have become desperate. What else could explain a Trump/Sanders Clinton nomination? As the divide grows between the people lost in the fog and those who see the light, the outcome of this election could very well portend what is to become of this nation.

That’s enough of the Doomsday predictions for now. Let’s have a good laugh………… til we cry!

An Open Letter to Khizr Khan

1 Aug

Dear Mr. Khan, I want to preface this letter by stating that I respect your son’s sacrifice for this great nation.  By all accounts, he is a true hero that sacrificed himself in service to ou…

Source: An Open Letter to Khizr Khan

The Secret of Life? Never Quit. Never. Ever.

31 Jul

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not very talented. I wasn’t blessed with superior intellect, physical stature or athletic skills. I’m average in just about every way except one. I don’t quit –…

Source: The Secret of Life? Never Quit. Never. Ever.

Blindfold Removed

10 Jul

The other day we went to the county’s gun range to try out the 100-yd. range. We were the only ones on that range, but there were a decent amount of folks on the 25 and 50-yard ranges. The fella there told me that the weekdays are really picking up, and the weekends are crowded. Out of the blue, he said he thought it was due to the fact that Hitlery may become president.

Now I don’t go around talking politics — sex, or religion either for that matter — with strangers, so I thought it was kind of odd that he pegged me as a conservative. Then I got to thinking about the FBI and the DOJ not indicting the charlatan, and realized that this was the kind of something that puts a scare in both sides of the aisle…….at least for the thinking people. Anyone who still blindly supports the grifter is not born lacking oxygen; they’re retarded.

As everyone can plainly see, we’ve got a government that’s not of the people, but above the people. We’ve reached the point where they blatantly disregard the constitution by openly breaking its laws to prove that they can, and they can do so without reprimands. Punishment is reserved for the earth people not the sky people. They’ve got more guns than the military, after all.

Short of secession or a revolution, we must proceed by civilized means to extricate the root of this growing, gangrene, puss-filled cyst on our country. Perhaps our Lancelot isn’t who we imagined, but let me say this: In the story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, it was a wiseacre kid who shouted, “Look! The king’s schlong is hangin out!” (or words to that effect). Trump is like the kid because he doesn’t care how he says it, he just calls it like he sees it; be it civil or uncouth. Years ago, I watched a Judge Judy episode where she said: “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” It’s funny. It’s crude. It’s shrewd. Above all, it’s the truth. People are sick of hearing lies purported as truths.

If I were the CEO of the overpaid sky grifters, I would push for gun control of the earth people, then accelerate to disarmament. I would bring in an abundance of foreigners, and have the earth people support them, while making sure the sky grifters gave the foreigners special privileges. I would own the voting machines to make sure I got the sky grifters I wanted (those who could be bought to further my agenda.) I would own the media to distract from any of my illegal activities. I would make sure education was limited to what I wanted taught, eventually banning American history. I would conglomerate countries’ banks to make my life easier. If I felt truly threatened by one or more of the earth people, I would make an accident happen to eliminate them. My tentacles would reach so far that if I lost one, it could easily be regrown.

Since I am not a CEO, none of this could happen, right? The sky people made a bold statement on the Fourth of July weekend, and it damn sure wasn’t about the earth peoples’ freedom. I’d say the ball’s in our court. If we lose this election, I’m expecting the moxie-filled Trump to insist upon a recall election like Austria…..

Mark Twain once wrote, “History never repeats itself, but the Kaleidoscopic combinations of the pictured present often seem to be constructed out of the broken fragments of antique legends.” I believe the SHTF pretty soon here in the US of A.







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