Hush, little baby

21 Jul

Wow. I just watched the sickest clip on the planet of another Planned Parenthood director wheelin and dealin baby body parts. Reminds me of the BS Hitler pulled with regards to the elderly and mentally/physically handicapped. Is this what we as a nation have become?

To help you out a bit, I’m going to show you a “specimen” as she refers to them, at 10-12 weeks:

Interestingly, scientific studies have proven that there is no medical advantage in this practice of using human body parts (this statement was from Dr. Ben Carson, but he’s only a neuro-surgeon, so what the fluck does he know?)

For a woman to go through such an emotional event, only for the caretaker to profit from her loss, is degradation and hypocrisy to the extreme. I say hypocrisy because it is these people who are promoting their agenda, and bullying the Christian agenda which consists of showing a woman what shall actually take place.

If you think on it; the Christian agenda is more honest as the woman is made to make her own moral decision based on the facts.

Meanwhile, these people push their agenda via the media, and then pull these stunts (with no recompense for the woman.)

This is why liberals are retarded. There is no rhyme to their reason.

Oh, here’s the video:



2 Responses to “Hush, little baby”

  1. melfamy July 22, 2015 at 9:28 am #

    Your ridiculous diatribe against liberals would be more apt aimed at your political brethren, the most gullible bunch of people since “the War of the Worlds” panic in the 1930’s. The video is edited to omit the fact that the fetuses were donated by the families, yes’m, for medical research, or haven’t you ever heard of STEM CELL RESEARCH!!!. Your hero, Ben Carson, has an agenda, and he does not mind lying to achieve his ends. What did you, think, Kells, that scientists are just getting the fetuses to effing Play with? Set up fetal dioramas of Chairman Mao’s long march?

    • kellsbellsfrompc July 22, 2015 at 1:59 pm #

      Um, the reality is that more can be accomplished via an adult skin graft than a fetus. Hate to burst your bubble, but Carson is spot on.

      As to editing, the first Planned Parenthood video was edited, so they put the entire video out which shocked the shit outta PP, and they shut their pieholes faster than a scallop escaping a starfish.

      Now, let me just say that the good doctor has nothing to lie about. Facts is facts, baby. Say anything else about him, and I’ll pull a trick from your hat ———>RAAAAAAACIST! (See how that works?)

      Don’t forget, G., I was born and bred in the briar patch:

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