30 Jul

The other day, we started watching this show on the Netflix called Heroes. Now then, this show is supposed to be about people who have “evolved” via evolution to contain extraordinary powers. Spoiler alert: apparently, they all have a tattoo, which leads me to believe that they have been genetically modified. Gosh, I love sci-fi!

The biggest flaw in the show is that people are given the 6th sense by God. Whether or not they use it is a horse of a different colour. It is the same as the people bourn with no pain, or those whose bones do not break. They are drug companies’ dream as their DNA is essential to creating drugs.

Obviously, people cannot fly, heal themselves during an autopsy, stop time, or run their hands through another for that matter, but people are born with the other gifts.

For starters, everyone has the ability to travel. On this show it is called teleporting, and the boy disappears. The reality is that your mind may travel in order that you may view what you should like to see in another place, and then your mind returns.

Now seeing the future is a no-brainer. Ever think of a song then it plays on the radio? Ever think of a person, and they call? Ever say something aloud only for it to be spoken by another (whether via media or in person?) That is a God-given 6th sense.

There is a cop on the show who hears others’ thoughts. Hearing another’s thoughts is also a no-brainer. It is essentially interconnected to the aforementioned gift of the 6th sense.

The girl with the doppelganger, looking in the mirror, and grabbing another to replace her, is also very common. Ever met an actor? Ding! (I reckon a psychologist would label it as some sort of disorder, but I’m sticking to my guns.)

Surprisingly, this show does not mention the influence of the others (um, those who are no longer here.) It’s too bad, really, as there are so many stories in that. (For example, Robin Williams said some lovely things to me last night.)

Overall, my point is that these gifts are natural (from God), and naturally ignored. While they are made to be something accredited on a television show to aggrandize Darwin the Dummy, the real hero of mankind is the one making another human being smile. The simplicity of this divine act of kindness typically escapes most. Laughter is (and shall always be) the best medicine.

Well, that is my opinion……………….but I’m still very fond of this show so far…… 🙂


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