Diver Down Flag

14 Aug

Diver Down Flag ~

Here is some fun info if you’re curious….

A while back ago, we were at the Vortex Spring, and the girl signing the boys up for a dive told me that her grandma came up with the design for the Diver Down flag. My husband thought she was probably pulling my leg, but I felt she was sincere. Naturally, I had to investigate…..

Let’s just say, the girl is always right…… well, unless you’re a Clinton, Pelosi, or das Schwein-Schultz. Here is the proof: http://www.floridadiveconnection.com/history-of-the-diver-down-flag/

Call me if you’re ever in NW FL and should like to go…it’s awfully fun.

Oh, here’s one of our adventures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liBtU5Tp7ok


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