The Outsiders ~

16 Aug

It’s amusing to me that the media is scratching their heads about the candidates who are not involved in politics. This, I don’t understand as the people are sick and tired of the games in D.C. by the two parties who have conjoined as some sort of evil Siamese twins.

On the right, we have Trump, Carson, and Fiorina. Let’s start with Trump. People get offended by this guy, but he’s a New Yorker….(they’re kinda like talkin to someone from Wisconsin as they will speak their mind, and don’t care if they, God forbid, hurt your feelings or are politically incorrect.)

Quite frankly, I got more policy info from the Hannity interview with Trump than the debate. When Kelly brought up a fight from the View, I thought WTF? What I learned from Hannity’s interview is that he will put great minds into key positions to strengthen the economy. He wants to streamline the tax code, but wants the wealthy to pay more, and is against the Fair Tax…this, I don’t understand as it (the Fair Tax) would, logically, require the rich to pay more, anyways….hmmm, oh, well. He believes the way to conquer ISIS is to stop their oil supply (defund them). This, I agree with. Also, I believe he is exactly correct on how meek our country is when bargaining with these leeches. (Actually, my nephews bargain better than these jokers in D.C….. truth!) I really dig that he’s running his campaign on his own dime….same as Sanders on the Democratic side.

Now Carson is my favourite. Of course, from the debate we gained nothing of what his intentions are (the debate sucked in that aspect.) Carson is for a Fair Tax. He would like to seal our borders, and see illegals that are here sign up as guest workers, and pay taxes, but not be able to vote, get in the line for legalization here as the people who have done so legally. (This is fiscally sound.) He should like to keep funding Planned Parenthood (like Trump), but eliminate the selling of baby-body parts. This boy is really intelligent, and one to watch.

Next we have the one Republican female candidate, Fiorina. This one is one smart cookie. Hopefully, the boys are prepared…..

On the Democratic side, Sanders is creating the dust-up. The problem that most people don’t get about his fawning for the Nordic socialist program is that all those countries combined are only 26 million people. The US is, what, 320 million people? It is also interesting that the blame for the economy is put on the corporations. Think carefully on this: a corporation employs a crapload of people. How many people does Robert Downey, Jr. employ? Why no attacks on the Hollywood elite? Surely, it’s not an agenda, right? Keep sucking up to the media……….. suckers!

To accentuate my point, I’ll give you the Wal-Mart CEO’s salary, and Robert Downey Jr.’s. Let’s start with Robert Downey Jr., the actor – $80 million. C. Douglas McMillon, CEO – $19.1 million. Do we all need to make the same wage, then, Bernie?…..(except for actors, of course) Guess I lucked out on this line of thinking!

That said, I agree with Mr. Sanders’ view that the boys and girls should start debating now. On the Maddow show, he proclaimed that he might initiate his own debate. I really hope that he does…..



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