The Magic Position

17 Aug

Yesterday, Trump posted some specifics on his positions, while also calling out one senator who apparently is bought and paid for by FB owner, Zuckerberg.

Personally, I compare Trump to a tabloid magazine journalist in that he unapologetically exposes the dirt on the D.C. cartel (a Cruz term) which is funded on the backs of taxpayers. That said, he is a very smart guy. I reckon you sorta have to be to amass $10 billion. Here are his positions:

Still, my heart is so fond of Carson. He is another really smart guy. I reckon if you can separate conjoined twins, you’ve got the grey matter firing on all four cylinders. Speaking of twins, it would literally scare the hello outta me if my sisters were conjoined at the head. (That would’ve been disastrous when they fought over the Cocoa Puffs in the morning.) What was I on about? Oh, yes! Here are Carson’s positions:

Oh, here’s a song that the candidates shared with me:




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