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12 Sep

Yesterday, I was speaking to the sexiest man alive (aside from my husband, of course) and asked him what he would do if the US were struck by an EMP. He gave me some worthwhile intel, and told me WWIII was on the horizon. I started thinking about this. Could our president and 46 Democratic senators know something about Iran having good intentions that 79% of the US population do not?

Here’s what I know to be the facts:

  1. As POTUS, Bill Clinton sold satellite guidance and missile technology to China in the late 90’s. Rumour: In 2012, the Obama administration said it believes China then sold this technology to North Korea. Rumour: N. Korea is going to sell it to Iran.
  2. While employed as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton sold 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia. When congress panicked, they were assured by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that uranium would not leave the US, and if exported, would require a license. Rumour: The landowners have stated that “yellowcake” is being mined and exported to Canada and Russia. Fact: There are no licenses on record.
  3. 10 days after a nuclear agreement was met with Iran, Iranian nuclear chief, Salehi, flew to Russia to meet Putin.
  4. At the top of this month, Putin sent reinforcements (ships, planes, tanks, elite soldiers, &c.) to Assad in Syria.
  5. This morning Iran has discovered uranium reserves that it must’ve missed seeing before.

I do believe Iran, Russia and Syria want to stop ISIS, but I believe they all have different reasons for wanting to do so. Iranians are a Shi’a Muslim majority. Syrians are a Sunni Muslim majority. ISIS are Sufi Muslims. Is each sect vying for a caliphate in the Middle East and Europe? ISIS is bragging that it has interspersed 4,000 fighters amongst the migrants who fled to Europe. Putin can’t be happy about that. Is Putin wheeling and dealing a plan to fight ISIS with Iran and Syria in exchange for them overtaking the US?

As much as I would like to believe that the secular (compared to the Sufi, i.e.) Iran and Syria would rather tax the “infidels” than kill them, I get mixed messages when they shout, “Death to America”, and “Israel will not exist in 25 years”.

Personally, I think the US should invest in its own Iron Dome. Out of curiosity, what would you do if the US were struck by an EMP?

Just One of the Girls

5 Sep

This morning I was reading about the MO transsexual teen, Lila Perry, who insisted on using the girls’ locker room. After inaction from the school, the girls staged a walk-out. Although there is a separate dressing room that “she” may use, “she” feels like “she” would be discriminated against, and the district agrees.

Let me just say that when I was in HS, I was embarrassed to change in front of girls. While I will run around half-naked in front of anyone these days (due to theatre), back then I was very insecure about being in my unders in front of others. I truly cannot imagine if a boy had been dressing in my presence in HS.

Why is it that a school district will accommodate one individual, and persecute the majority? This got me thinking about an 80’s movie called Just One of the Guys. This is an awfully funny show about a girl who poses as a boy because she thinks her article wasn’t chosen because of her sex. I watched the show tonight, and you really get a glimpse of her discomfort being around half-naked boys in the dressing room.

For many of us, dressing in front of others is uncomfortable, and dressing in front of the opposite sex is unfathomable. As free as I am these days, I still have my “uncomfortable” zones. This one show I did, this actor brought her husband in the dressing room. The problem was that I wasn’t wearing unders. There was no way I was gonna let this boy see my quoi, so I dressed in the bathroom.

Personally, I think if you’ve got a penis, you should dress with fellow penises, or in private if you feel like you’re a girl. Feeling like a girl, but having a penis makes a big difference. Just as Lila is uncomfortable dressing in front of boys, “she” should understand that real girls will feel uncomfortable dressing in front of “her”.