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And the Oscar goes to…..

21 Jan

The latest Oscar buzz is now mired in controversy. People are not talking about the best actor, director, screenplay, &c.; they are talking about the lack of the best black actor, best black director, best black screenplay, &c.

Personally, I no longer watch the Academy Awards. Most of the time they pick shows that I’ve never heard of, or shows that after seeing, I scratch my head wondering why the hello they picked em to be in the running. The Academy voters are like the government; they decide which shows and performers you’ll like, and which shows and performers you won’t. I don’t believe they consider race.

It could be that my perspective is way off, and the Academy voters are racist pricks who choose white shows that everybody aught to love, and choose white actors who people unquestionably love…….like Sean Penn. Sorry, but I still stand by my contention that these silly voters aren’t racists. They are elitists.

Obviously, my train of thought is not on the same track as the latest buzzers. This quandary, I am told, is a black thing, and I wouldn’t understand. I notice no Asian or Latin faces in the mix this year. I wonder why they haven’t started a boycott as well. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any Indians (head- feathered or head-dotted) for that matter. Hmmm….

Maybe we should adopt an affirmative action Oscars program. This would assure that in addition to the shows that already suck, we can have a percentage of diversified suckdom thrown in to make the displeasure of watching the Academy Awards more interesting.

The Academy Awards is for suckers. As for the non-nominated nominees; any occupation that craves and demands so much adulation and adoration in addition to their pay, only proves to me that their love for their craft isn’t really love at all.