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Of Monsters and Men

25 Feb

Now that the primary elections loom before us like some sort of menacing, unseen looming thing, we are left in a quandary as to which vote we cast will best keep the monster at bay. Everyone with any sense knows the beast is not really hiding. Ponder this: Are we freer under our government than the founders were after the Revolutionary War?

As to how to take out this creature, it must be an outsider. The leviathan of remoras must be infiltrated; a cataclysmic disruption to awaken people, if you will. This much my husband and I agree upon. Then we announce our choice candidate for this quest, and the debates begin. I say Carson. He says Trump. Here’s how a conversation between us looks like:

Kells: Trump’s a lib.

Mr. Kells: So? Doesn’t matter.

Kells: Why do you say that? He’ll pass lib ideas.

Mr. Kells: He’ll get conservative ideas passed too.

Kells: Carson would do that.

Mr. Kells: I like Carson, but he doesn’t have the temperament.

Kells: I disagree. What about Cruz?

Mr. Kells: I like Cruz, but he’s part of the machine, and he won’t be the nominee.

Kells: He could be the nominee.

Mr. Kells: For the same reason that Hillary is still allowed to run is the same reason he will not be the nominee.

Kells: Hmmm…. That could change………..maybe. Well, I’m still voting for Carson in the primary.

Mr. Kells: Go ahead. It boosted Ron Paul’s ego when you voted for him in the primary.

It’s a lot of fun round these here parts. Speaking of fun, here’s a fun fact: 45% of Americans do not pay Federal Income Tax (remarkably close to Romney’s assessment). As the divide grows, so does the patience of the other 55%. Who shall be our knight-errant this year? Better question: Can he slay the dragon?