No Sex Please, We’re Republican

31 Mar

Lately, there’s been a lot of hoopla on the interwebs over the National Enquirer story about Cruz having five mistresses. Interestingly (or not), none of the major news outlets are mentioning it. Let’s face it; while the NE has broken some factual and tawdry news, they are best known for their outrageous and patently false news.

When I see a story like this, I look at the big picture. What will voters do if it is true? Personally, I don’t care about Cruzes’ sex life so long as it wasn’t on the taxpayers’ dime. Will the majority think as I do? I think so. I believe at this point most Americans have decided their vote.

Some people say the NE story was put out by Trump for revenge of Cruzes’ campaign ad — which happened to be funny but below the belt — of Melania . This I know to be false as I had seen this Cruz sex scandal video on the youtube prior to the Cruz ad. Now the ad comparing Heidi and Melania was a tweet that Trump retweeted — which was also below the belt, but funny nonetheless — and it was his knee-jerk reaction to the Cruz ad. The reality is that they’re both behaving childishly.

Probably the most sinister thing I have heard about this NE story is that establishment GOP is behind it in order that both candidates be brought down and Ryan/Kasich go up as the GOP ticket. If there’s any truth to that, they are foolish and are asking for another McCain/Romney result.

While Obama does the Wave and Tangos (Whiskey Trot Fox) with the commies in Cuba as our ally gets burned by ISIS, while young and dumb Americans cheer a decrepit, snake-oil selling Socialist (aka Birdman), and while Hillary skates above the law with the help of a crony and corrupt DOJ, it’s good to know that the most important issues are the Republican candidates since one is a “racist-Islamaphobic agitator”, and the other a “sex-crazed liar”. Help. Me. Now.



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