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What he said

20 May

Sometimes the best things to read online are the comments. A post by Gerard Van der Leun at American Digest on why we should vote for Trump, brought out the usual #NeverTrumpers. This excerpt from a comment was in reply to one:

Your enemy is tribal and worships mythology.
Your enemy cannot bend to reason or logic.
Your enemy is envious, jealous, and conniving.
Your enemy is philosophy and people.
Your enemy is training to kill you.

Posted by: Dan Patterson at May 19, 2016 5:04 AM

The comment got me thinking about an interview I read: This fella, Jesse Hughes, is the lead singer of the metal band, Eagles of Death Metal. His perception of the slaughter in the Bataclan is quite different from the media’s and the Parisian populace in general. The interview is disturbing on many levels.

As Europe is left paralyzed by their own fear of offending Islam, our lefty administration, as well as the lefty shills running for POTUS, won’t even call it by its name: Islamic terrorism perpetrated by Muslim terrorists. See how easy that was?

Personally, I’m sick to death of people crying a river over the philosophical reasons to not vote for Trump. The lofty idealists gave us four more years of misery. So go on and vote for Gary Johnson or Sanders Claws so we can have Hillary, aka, Obama 2: The Resurrection. Oh, and thanks………….…………

fer nuthin.


16 May

The other day I started writing a piece on Trump, but got sidetracked. This is the problem when the mind goes too fast. Life was so much easier as a mermaid; I could take pity on and be friendly to those that couldn’t swim. When up is down and down is up, my cynicism grows burdensome. Surely I would be happier under the sea…… but I digress –

If we get down to basics in its simplest form; everything collates into a big wants/needs pile with the wants forever topping the needs in importance. That is human nature. (And as an aside, the chief reason our govt.’s currently in the crapper.)

For instance, I really want a procedure called Thermi-Va. It promises multiple orgasms; therefore, it becomes a need. After all, who doesn’t need multiple orgasms? By combining the two, I have justified the importance of spending on something superfluous. But…..

If we were to look throughout the history of govt. spending, we would find more “buts” than all the butts on Instagram. Example: “You know, Bob, if we spend the money to divert that waterway, it’s going to put us in the red, and screw the farmers.” “But, Frank; the North American red-spotted tadpole is on the verge of extinction!”

The stimulus becomes the omnibus as the wants, via the “buts”, transform into the needs. They wonder why Trump’s so popular? Easy. Folks can no longer afford their wants disguised as needs.