Strange Bedfellows

18 Jun

Aside from the Log Cabin Republicans, gay conservatives do exist; they’re just in the closet. One gay conservative who had the courage to “come out” is Milo Yiannopoulos from Breitbart. Currently on a college speaking tour entitled, The Dangerous Faggot, Milo (@Nero on Twitter) proudly bashes feminism, socialism, BLM, gun control, Islam, and liberal gays. He’s also a yuuge Trump fan.

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, gun sales spiked in Orlando and other cities. I’m pretty sure the majority of buyers were of the gay persuasion. The smart gays are now starting to listen to Milo and facing the truth about the tenets of Islam. More importantly, the smart gays are seeing which side of the political aisle would be better suited for their well-being.

As Hillary and Obama pushed the gun control agenda in the aftermath, Trump instead reiterated the need to stop allowing Muslims in that threaten Americans’ (note: gay) freedoms. So while gays will vote for Trump, the mere thought of uttering, “Trump 2016”, is worse than coming out.

The GOP claims they want to attract a more diverse group of people. Trump’s primary win was record breaking. Obviously, his numbers includes gays. So what does the GOP do? They decide to do something the liberal left exceeds at: Go FULLRETARD(TM) by pushing this #NeverTrump, #DumpTrump BS so they can have their “winning” candidate. WTF? (Reminder: Romney received a mere 22% of the gay vote!)

Let’s see, we’ve had nearly 8 years of feckless, chaotic, government bumfluckery, and suddenly four years of Trump scares them? I believe it would behoove the #DumpTrump dummies to wake up and smell the roses. A third party splits the GOP vote and hands Clinton (or her replacement) the presidency. It’s very simple, really. You either ride the Trump train or you fly the Billary broomstick. (I can hear the cackling…)

While conservatives are being shadowbanned by Facebook and Twitter, the third-party, #DumpTrump cuckservatives suffer from amnesia (IRS, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, Benghazi, Omnibus……that’s just off the top of my head) and screech insanely about Clinton’s lead in the polls. They also seem to forget how Trump polled at the beginning of the GOP race. Hmmmm….

Instead of uniting the party, these folks just cannot bear to lose their standing as Queen of the Hill. Their bedfellow, the King, is the Democrat party. Little Eddie Munster (Paul Ryan, self-anointed Prince) is lying on his stomach, pounding his fists and legs as he throws a screaming tantrum to not be dethroned. What a fantastically sick and twisted political drama D.C. has become. Shakespeare would have had a field day with this skullduggery.

As common sense is as hidden as a gay in the closet, it is interesting that a brash, businessman/reality star is looking more and more like a sane leader amongst insane sycophants.


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