Hide and Seek

24 Jun

When I played hide-and-seek as a child, I found the game boring. As the seeker it was too easy for me to find the hider. Likewise, when I was the hider, the game would have to end because I couldn’t be found.

Yesterday I got to thinking about how our media (both social and syndicated) is playing this very game with us. The only difference is that they are creatively hiding truths, and we are forced to find them. This is also an easy game……………if you’re a good seeker.

Because social and syndicated media sites are privately and/or corporately owned by billionaires, they may deflect the seekers path by creating a diversion in order to achieve their desired outcome. For instance, what was/is “trending” on social media was/is still the Sit-Yo-Ass-Down-Ya-Big-Dem-Dummy for gun control show.

As everyone was glued to C-SPAN (NOT) watching a bunch of sweating jackasses sittin around in the House, our fourth amendment right got saved by two votes in the Senate. I repeat; two. This happened with a Republican majority, nonetheless. Thanks GOP. (And they are dumbfounded by how Trump came to be the likely GOP nominee?)

Speaking of Trump, there just happened to be an assassination attempt on him. Historically, this would be big news. Not so in syndicated media’s game of hide-and-seek. The fact that the perp is an illegal immigrant needs to be kept under wraps.

Now that SCOTUS has ruled Obama’s immigration policies unconstitutional, (technically, they were tied so it went to the lower court’s correct ruling) Clinton fell right in line with her handler’s wishes and proclaimed their deadlocked position “unacceptable”.

As I mentioned above, certain billionaires do have a desired outcome. What it is seems hidden. As a seeker, I would note that the common thread they share is 1) Political involvement 2) Foundations for Education 3) Dystopian views of equality. In essence, they are the Grandpa Clinton Foundation.

Is the assimilation of Muslims part of the overall plan? It is the RoP (religion of peace), after all. The plan being that everyone is equal except said billionaires………and their henchmen (government employees, lobbyists, private militia, &c.).

Personally, I thought the Muslims would thwart this we-are-one globalization effort by just, well; being Muslims. Britain certainly took notice and wised up. Wonder if America will. Yesterday, the Saudi Prince met with Zuckerberg. It was said to be for educational purposes. You tell me. Tag – you’re it.


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