Lost in the Scandal Fog

16 Aug

Have you ever wondered what the hello happens to those people who get lost in the Bermuda Triangle? Why do boats and planes get lost? Does the earth have some sort of magnetic force that confuses both the people and the instruments that guide them? Are they forever lost?

The other day I was thinking that our government is like the Bermuda Triangle entrapping its citizens. Once trapped, it seems that a good many Americans are lost and confused in the scandal fog perpetuated on a daily basis by our govt. Perhaps 81 years of socialist programs induces this infantile belief in the absurd. The infantile belief in the absurd is that the US govt. is of the people, for the people, by the people.

When crime committed by the govt. is not punished, people will assume there has A) been no crime or B) the govt. employee or branch of govt. is above the law. The former would be the group that is floundering in the Bermuda Triangle. On the bright side, it appears that that group is getting smaller and smaller (another lil tidbit that the govt. media will not broadcast.)

A majority of malcontented masses typically leads to a revolt. Before every revolution, there are obvious signs: Over-indulgent leaders, high taxes, costly wars, national debt, desperate citizens, and the lighthouse keepers. These are the folks shining the light of truth for the masses.

It must be terribly frustrating for the lighthouse keepers; shining their light into the fog, and showing people a way out of the Bermuda Triangle, only to have their lights snubbed out by a govt.-controlled media.

In this day and age in America, the internet is the lighthouse keeper of our time. We’ve got Edward Snowden shining the light on the NSA, Julian Assange shining the light on Clinton, Dinesh D’Souza shining the light on the Clinton Foundation, &c.

Ironically, while the govt. is procuring every means possible to set the stage of the images it wants people to see, the technological advancements of this century have made it possible for people to see in real time via a social media account what is actually happening. Can a liberal answer this question: Why are conservative social media sites censored and/or shadow-banned?

Personally, I believe the citizenry of the US have become desperate. What else could explain a Trump/Sanders Clinton nomination? As the divide grows between the people lost in the fog and those who see the light, the outcome of this election could very well portend what is to become of this nation.

That’s enough of the Doomsday predictions for now. Let’s have a good laugh………… til we cry!


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