The Clairvoyants

16 Nov

Lately I’ve noticed that everyone’s now a medium. The fortune tellers keep saying that Trump is the same as Bush, Hillary, Obama, and will have the same policies. These premonitions are based on who he has confirmed in his cabinet, and comments he made on a 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl.

With Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff, Stephen Bannon as Chief Strategist, Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, and maybe Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary being a part of his administration, the right has started screaming, “Establishment RINO”! Since the left couldn’t leave Bannon out, they went with their ole standby: “RACIST”! Most of us are aware of the fact that Trump is a moderate at best; but will he be the wolf in sheep’s clothing that the soothsayers predict?

At first glance, things appear grim. But looking into my crystal ball, or the way I see it, there is one major factor that these folks are leaving out. That would be Trump. He’s not a dummy.

When Trump chose Bannon and Reince, it was not only a thank-you for loyalty, but the fact that their judgments were proven sound. Bannon’s strategy turned Trump’s campaign around. Reince kept the RNC with Trump because he knew Trump could’ve won this election as an Independent. If Bannon is laying out his strategy in the WH, and Reince is his go-between guy with all of his buddies in congress; I have a feeling that some good deals can and will be made.

Now Mnuchin, this former Wall Street Goldman Sachs guy, has a lot of augurs saying that Trump is in the tank for the big bankers. Keep in mind, Mnuchin was also loyal, and proved his sound judgment. He was Trump’s campaign finance manager, and Trump spent $371 million while Clinton spent $877 million. Of course, that Clinton amount could also be blamed on Liberal Economics 101. (Democrats ace that course.)

Speaking of Clinton, when asked if Trump was going to have a special prosecutor look into prosecuting her, he said he was “going to think about it.” When pressed, he said, “I don’t want to hurt them. They’re good people. I’ll give you a definite answer next time we do 60 Minutes.” Will he go after her? Should this be his first priority? The seers predict his comments as a bad omen.

The Clintons are most certainly not good people, and he knows it. The e-mails, the Clinton Foundation, the Satanic Pedophile Network (which is said to include members of congress, the media, social media, Hollywood, &c.) are testaments to her “good” behavior. I believe she wasn’t prosecuted before the election because Obama and many others would be trapped in her network of deception. In Stahl’s interview, Trump commented on D.C.: “I mean, the whole place is one big lobbyist.” By draining this swamp, he could very well be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Make America Great Again means different things to different people. Conservatives don’t want to lose more freedoms, and libs don’t want to lose more freebies. I do believe Trump can get this train back on the tracks. Will he be a RINO or a Liberal puppet? I think Melania’s preternatural presages perfectly peg the future presidency.

From her interview with Stahl – “.…he will do what he wants to do in the end.”


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