Giving Thanks

23 Nov

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Off the top of my head, these are some of the things I am thankful for:

My family.

We’ll have a capitalist not communist president.

I have more peace of mind in starting a small business.

My health, and likely future healthcare savings.

Our investments.

Sadly, my liberal friends see only the next gloom-and-doom image du jour; incidentally, brought to them by the same gloom-and-doom networks which projected a Hillary landslide. They cannot grasp that disconnect because zombies cannot think for themselves. The zombies can only think of fresh meat; that meat being a free-thinking brain.

A perfect illustration of that comes from the Broadway musical, Hamilton. Pence shows up, and the zombies show their asses. To make matters worse, the zombies on stage (who didn’t vote) show their asses. Mike, on the other hand, showed his humanity.

I am thankful I am not a zombie.

In China, free speech ain’t so free. Zuckerberg agreed to toe the line for the Chinese govt., so he could make a buck over there. The guy has no problem with his site being an echo-geared chamber.

Gab is a new social media site; only Jack from Twitter or Mark from FB won’t ban you for calling Hillary a Depends-wearin, harpe-screechin, dirty double-crossin liar. You’re free to express your thoughts.

I am thankful for my freedom of speech.

So while the zombies keep saying that Trump is going to be challenged by electors, new Hillary votes, unprecedented urban discord, the end of civilization as we know it, %c., I can rest assured that dog don’t hunt.

Which reminds me: I am thankful for my dogs.

Hopefully, we can all come together for some turkey, or in my sister’s case, tofu (a zombie delicacy), and not fight over whether the dark meat is superior to the white meat, because that would be raaaacist.




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