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More Meme Fun

18 Dec

Maybe I’m just a delusional blonde, but I feel a new, jovial, Christmas-y air in America; an optimism that has taken hold as a weight is being lifted. This momentum will not be stopped by a bunch of eggheads. I’m referencing the “Hillary or Canada” looney birds. They were stopped at the border……..

….. and have revamped their shenanigans.

They’ve moved from Plan A to Plan B (or is it Plan C at this point?) and are now threatening the electors. The Democrats’ monkey business is just outright funny to me. The party has become a parody of itself, and I can’t find it inside of myself to take them seriously. Will the electors switch their votes because of alleged Russian hacking? Nope. Will they switch their vote to get off of Clinton’s hit list? Maybe a few. What these ding-dong-dummy Democrats have done is exactly what Harry Reid did in the Senate: Cut off the nose to spite the face.

They lost. They’re fired. They can take comfort in knowing that states will be helping ease their pain:

With every position that Trump fills, another liberal head explodes. We are about to experience a country run as a corporation. This should be interesting. I believe it’s definitely promising. An egotistical capitalist will prove more beneficial than an egotistical socialist, or a screeching liberal liar. The electricity that you feel in the air is the contagion of everyone with common sense knowing this.

For the paranoid conservatives who think the worse (that Hillary will be our next president); I give you this funny, but true, meme:

Won’t it be great when people have jobs?

Won’t it be great when law and order will prevail?

Are ya starting to get that warm, Christmas-y, peace-on-Earth-good-will-toward-men type of feeling? Me, too! Here’s a selfie:

And here’s one minute of inspiration from our PEOTUS:

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And May the Force be with You!


Good to Know…..

15 Dec