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Scuse me while I kiss the sky

26 Jan

With each initiative that Trump makes — and he is the president of daily initiatives (high energy) — liberal mouths begin to froth, and their snarls become rabid barks. If you don’t believe me, go to the FB for a really good laugh.





Up to this point, I have no problems with any of Trump’s initiatives. Quite frankly, I think they’re beautiful. So yeah, I’m gloating in the well-earned state of bliss that comes from suffering for eight + years.







At least the liberal beta males – easily outed by their comments — can take heart in knowing that they still have this:


And the devout members of the Pussyhat Club for WomenTM can take heart in knowing that they still have this:

Meanwhile, conservatives will continue to relish in the fact that it is only Week One of Trump’s presidency. J


Schooling Fish

15 Jan

Have you ever noticed how frenzied fish become when you’re feeding them? I like to feed the lone fish on the outskirts. He always says to me, “Allo, luv. ‘Ave a butcher’s at me chinas; lost their marbles, they ‘ave. Cor blimey! Would you Adam and Eve it?”

Yes, I believe it. The frenzied fish remind me of how liberals behave (sans the Cockney accent) around Trump (the bread). The lone fish are the people standing back, and wondering what the hell has happened to the gray matter trapped between the ears of the friends they once thought they knew.

Yesterday, I got to see a lot of famous movie stars try to sing a popular song in reaction to Trump becoming president. It will be gratifying when real singers, who can actually sing, parody these overpaid snowflakes. It will also be a bigger hit. Why? The people have spoken, and it’s driving the schooled fish into a frantic, frenetic freak-out. Seriously, can they get any nuttier?

The other day I was on the FB and this libertarian friend wrote a post about her politics. She said she has some lefty views as well as some views from the right. One thing she noticed, she explained, is that the people on the left resort to name-calling and really cruel, mean comments when her beliefs don’t coincide with theirs. She said she didn’t get that rabid behavior from people on the right. She noted that this was just her observation, but would appreciate more civility.

For myself, I rarely post anything political because I believe what I commented to the abovementioned friend: Politics is like underwear: You can’t change other people’s.

While I know deep down, I could hurt the already butthurt majority of my lib friends (both mentally and physically) I resist the urge, and keep walking on sunshine. Why waste energy? Not to say that I won’t throw in a little barb now and again, but I typically try to make it funny. I’ve also added the emojis because I know that libs don’t understand most jokes. J See? Isn’t that nice? Precious.

The beautiful thing about a positive attitude is it comes back to you. That’s not to say that a troll won’t try to rain on your Trump parade. Thankfully, my sister showed me the FB delete button, and my girlfriend introduced me to the FB acquaintance button. How wonderful! Why post a cute puppy pic only to have a troll tell you that Trump is a Russian spy? Or Trump’s Hitler……or Trump caused the deficit….or

Of course, there is the problem of me forgetting where to find these helpful buttons in the future. Technology learned in my mind is like a Snapchat conversation; it’s there, then it’s gone. (As a side note, I believe Podesta regrets not using that app)

The most difficult concept for liberals to accept is reality. In futility, the Dems can raise a ruckus or sit on the floor, the stars can make speeches or destroy really good songs; but in five days; Donald J Trump is going to become the POTUS, and the sheltered school of little rainbow goldfish will have to come to terms with that reality.