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See ya in the funny papers

6 Feb

Before bed I like to do some reading on the web. Imagine my surprise when I read that Atlanta was ahead and New England was predicted to have only a 1% chance of winning. I was surprised because there were 5 or so minutes left in the 4th quarter, and everyone with a lick of sense knows that 5 football minutes equals 50 real-life minutes, so it’s an eternity in which anything can happen. Duh. Just another reason why I don’t care to watch sports…

As I was web surfing, over at NBC they had an article claiming the Super Bowl was all about politics. Apparently, pastimes are a thing of the past. It’s all about what America (i.e. the Trump protestors) want, and by gosh, we’re gonna give it to the rest of you in the most subtle of messages because then you’ll magically, deliciously agree with our insanity. Then New England pulled a Trump, and NBC had to revamp their linked article….it’s actually a funnier version than last night.

Today, strangely (or maybe not) no one else seemed to agree with NBC that the game was political. Perhaps the subtlety of the message was just too subtle. Then again, conservatives are so accustomed to having little digs taken at them in movies, television, talk shows, news, &c. that we have compassion fatigue. That’s the fatigue you get when you fake laugh at a joke that isn’t funny, or you humor a pseudo-intellect with no common sense who blathers on about the biology of gender fluidity.

Speaking of politics (or a lack of common sense), I keep getting these letters from Senator Cruz. They say, “Kelly, do you want us to do whatever it takes to fight the Democrats?” Then I push the Yes button, and am taken to a donation site. Now I love Cruz (nasally twang and all) but what fresh hell is this? Is he not aware that the members of Congress are some of the highest paid Americans? I thought we were already paying them to fight for our best interests. Now they need more? I like to daydream the outcome of a donation from me….

Closing my eyes, I envision a black and white NY gangster movie; your classic film noir gumshoe genre. Cruz comes up to Schumer, and in a NY accent says, “Now look here, Chuckie; you’re gonna take this fin, you’re gonna sit down, and you’re gonna shut your pie hole. Ms. Bells wants that you do these things for her, see?” And with hands up and big, wide eyes, Schumer says, “Easy, easy, Teddy! My boys and I have no issues with Ms. Bells!” With a big grin, Cruz replies, “That’s right, Chuckie; I’ll see ya in the funny papers”!

That’s how the D.C. drama plays out in my head. In truth, the place is far more dramatic than that, which is why Trump fits right in. It is also why he is beating them at their own game; he’s better at it. Currently, I look forward to this travel ban going to the SCOTUS. If it is found to be unconstitutional, it is going to hurt the Dems far more than the Reps……………and that is going to be the funniest thing of all.