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The Great Right Hope

15 Mar

Isn’t it funny that Nancy Pelosi now wants to know what’s in a bill before it’s passed? Isn’t it funny that Democrats are suddenly curious and outraged by the replacement Republican health care bill, when it actually keeps or renames a lot of the Obamacare costs? The official outline of the Republican plan sounds really great. The problem is that when you’ve got Eddie Munster pushing so hard to get it through, you know it’s got RINO written all over it. Enter Rand Paul.

While Dr. Paul isn’t the only conservative pushing for a repeal-then-replace vote, he is definitely the most vocal. Here’s a really great 9 minute interview in which he surmises his position. In case you’re too impatient or don’t want to hear the screeching Dems at the top of the clip, here are the key talking points:

  • The replacement (Paul Ryan) bill: Too big, more govt., cost too much, make things worse
  • Repeal first; it was unanimous before, will be again. Work from there on replace
  • Disagreements on replacement bill: Ryan says it’s a conservative’s dream, Rand says it’s Obamacare Lite: Keeps subsidies, just renames them tax credits; keeps all taxes for a year; keeps Cadillac tax forever; individual mandate penalty for no insurance to be paid to insurance agency instead of govt., thus one reason for $100B in insurance subsidies for bailout
  • If govt. keeps allowing people to get insurance after they’re sick, they will. Pass Obamacare Lite, and insurance premiums will still go up because of pre-existing conditions, thus another reason for the insurance subsidies
  • Rand’s plan: Allow individuals to get group insurance to allay cost of preexisting condition
  • Subsidizing rather than competition costs more: You can give people insurance with borrowed money or create a market place where the cost goes down so that the individual is paying less, thus young, healthy people can afford health insurance.
  • Believe in competition, choice, freedom, capitalism.
  • Replace with a bipartisan bill: Allow debate with both parties to vote on Obamacare Lite, Rand Paul’s bill, Obamacare, or aspects of the three.

The CBO has said the Obamacare Lite bill will be extremely costly ($337B) and exclude 24 million. Obviously. Entitlement programs ain’t cheap, and the exclusion of people is partially due to the potential downsizing of Obama’s bloated Medicaid rolls.

Now would be a good time to contact your representative and let them know you’d prefer Rand’s idea of repeal and replace………………..or at least a healthy debate over Eddie Munster’s bill.



7 Mar

This has got to be the best solution to get in shape. The problem is that older women have the libidos of 17-year-old males, yet have no sexual interest in teens…………..unless you’re Madonna.