Turning the Tables

18 Jun

If Providence had handed the Democrat party what has been handed the Republican party via the Comey testimony, you can bet some trials would be happening tomorrow. Why aren’t the Republicans prosecuting?

While I’m no lawyer, it seems that some things are obvious. You’ve got the head honcho of the FBI admitting to obstruction of justice on his part by leaking (supposedly) classified intel to the press. I say supposedly because I believe this Russian nonsense is a cover-up for the Clinton pay-to-play money laundering scheme. The Russian uranium deal was just one of the many benefits to foreigners who contributed to the US, er, Clinton Foundation while she was SOS. Why is the 800 lb. gorilla in the room ignored by the RINOs?

Then Comey admitted to the obstruction of justice by Obama’s AG, Loretta Lynch; that should’ve been a big “HELLO MCFLY”!! to the Republicans to take action. Instead; who the hell should pipe in with: “Houston, we have a problem”? Ironically, the biggest SJW on Capitol Hill says we need to take action. Oh, and the media. The media – who should also be prosecuted for libel – immediately took action……………diverting Comey’s testimony! Who needs the National Enquirer when you’ve got the WaPo, NYT and Politico? Let’s not forget Clinton News Network.

At this point, I’ve come to expect the RINOs to do what they do best: Nothing. Good Grief!! It’s a wonder the president is getting anything done surrounded by these cuckroaches .

Speaking of ancient, creepy insects, Ginsberg should recuse herself from any executive arguments as she made it clear that she has an obvious bias against Trump.

Perhaps it is best that Trump ignore the bread and circuses, and continue getting done what he can. Americans are sick of the time and money being wasted on this ridiculous witch hunt. The boiling point of all of this rabid Trump hatred has resulted in the Scalise shooting. In that case, too, Providence was on the Republicans’ side.

Obviously, the RINOs have their heads so far up their butts, they are blind to Divine intervention. It’s time to start a revolution…………by the pen not the sword. The RINOs must be destroyed via social media. Off the top of my head are the very outspoken Cuckmeister Ryan and Cuckosaurus McCain.

At least some people on the right get it, and are speaking up…



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