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The Obervers

14 May

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching a sci-fi show called Fringe. In it there are these characters called the Observers. They are these bald guys wearing 50’s suits who appear at momentous events in time. The Observers are able to view time on a linear plane, so they can see the future, and the multiple possibilities that lead to it.

Without giving it away, one Observer, named September, mistakenly alters events causing quite the brouhaha, as the future relies on one particular man.

This got me thinking about Trump. The importance of this man in this time will probably be significant in future history books. If I were an Observer, I definitely would’ve wanted Trump in this position at this time; if for nothing else, than to expose the left for the hypocrites that they are.

While the left mocks Trump’s cries of “Witch Hunt”, they simultaneously refuse to come to terms with their own dirt. The MSM reports 24/7 on Trump’s alleged affair with a porn star from 10 years ago, but doesn’t answer why the Obama administration forked over $10 billion to Iran since 2013. Why is that? Could it be a bribe?

The two-year hunt for Red October is proving there is no Russian collusion, only collusion between our intelligence community and Britain. The same MSM who screamed that National Security Advisor, General Flynn, was violating the Logan Act does a 360 and literally touts Secretary of State FORMER Secretary of State, John Kerry, for discussing nuclear negotiations with Iran! (Speaking of General Flynn; I’m pretty sure he was a pawn that the FBI is still using for a smokescreen to cover their charade.)

When Obama’s DOJ handed a felony conviction to Dinesh D’Souza for illegal campaign contributions, the leftist MSM celebrated. Now that Rosie O’ Donnell is in the hot seat, there’s not a peep from the media…..except conservative sites.

During the Obama regime, that’s the thing that drove me crazy: The left not reporting or glossing over Obama’s major foibles. Every day there seemed to be a new atrocity that was brushed under the rug. The beauty of Trump is that he announces via Twitter everything. Americans are getting information straight from the president’s mouth. He is brash, unapologetic, and brutally honest. He’s also keeping most of his campaign promises.

There will always be the diehard Trump-derangement-syndrome flunkies who cannot refuse to see what true progress looks like. Likewise, there will always be the globalists whose idealism is in direct conflict with a pro-nationalist president. The reality is that most Americans are faring better under this administration, and any contender pushing to end the Tax Reform Act is doomed.