The Great Right Hope

15 Mar

Isn’t it funny that Nancy Pelosi now wants to know what’s in a bill before it’s passed? Isn’t it funny that Democrats are suddenly curious and outraged by the replacement Republican health care bill, when it actually keeps or renames a lot of the Obamacare costs? The official outline of the Republican plan sounds really great. The problem is that when you’ve got Eddie Munster pushing so hard to get it through, you know it’s got RINO written all over it. Enter Rand Paul.

While Dr. Paul isn’t the only conservative pushing for a repeal-then-replace vote, he is definitely the most vocal. Here’s a really great 9 minute interview in which he surmises his position. In case you’re too impatient or don’t want to hear the screeching Dems at the top of the clip, here are the key talking points:

  • The replacement (Paul Ryan) bill: Too big, more govt., cost too much, make things worse
  • Repeal first; it was unanimous before, will be again. Work from there on replace
  • Disagreements on replacement bill: Ryan says it’s a conservative’s dream, Rand says it’s Obamacare Lite: Keeps subsidies, just renames them tax credits; keeps all taxes for a year; keeps Cadillac tax forever; individual mandate penalty for no insurance to be paid to insurance agency instead of govt., thus one reason for $100B in insurance subsidies for bailout
  • If govt. keeps allowing people to get insurance after they’re sick, they will. Pass Obamacare Lite, and insurance premiums will still go up because of pre-existing conditions, thus another reason for the insurance subsidies
  • Rand’s plan: Allow individuals to get group insurance to allay cost of preexisting condition
  • Subsidizing rather than competition costs more: You can give people insurance with borrowed money or create a market place where the cost goes down so that the individual is paying less, thus young, healthy people can afford health insurance.
  • Believe in competition, choice, freedom, capitalism.
  • Replace with a bipartisan bill: Allow debate with both parties to vote on Obamacare Lite, Rand Paul’s bill, Obamacare, or aspects of the three.

The CBO has said the Obamacare Lite bill will be extremely costly ($337B) and exclude 24 million. Obviously. Entitlement programs ain’t cheap, and the exclusion of people is partially due to the potential downsizing of Obama’s bloated Medicaid rolls.

Now would be a good time to contact your representative and let them know you’d prefer Rand’s idea of repeal and replace………………..or at least a healthy debate over Eddie Munster’s bill.




7 Mar

This has got to be the best solution to get in shape. The problem is that older women have the libidos of 17-year-old males, yet have no sexual interest in teens…………..unless you’re Madonna.


See ya in the funny papers

6 Feb

Before bed I like to do some reading on the web. Imagine my surprise when I read that Atlanta was ahead and New England was predicted to have only a 1% chance of winning. I was surprised because there were 5 or so minutes left in the 4th quarter, and everyone with a lick of sense knows that 5 football minutes equals 50 real-life minutes, so it’s an eternity in which anything can happen. Duh. Just another reason why I don’t care to watch sports…

As I was web surfing, over at NBC they had an article claiming the Super Bowl was all about politics. Apparently, pastimes are a thing of the past. It’s all about what America (i.e. the Trump protestors) want, and by gosh, we’re gonna give it to the rest of you in the most subtle of messages because then you’ll magically, deliciously agree with our insanity. Then New England pulled a Trump, and NBC had to revamp their linked article….it’s actually a funnier version than last night.

Today, strangely (or maybe not) no one else seemed to agree with NBC that the game was political. Perhaps the subtlety of the message was just too subtle. Then again, conservatives are so accustomed to having little digs taken at them in movies, television, talk shows, news, &c. that we have compassion fatigue. That’s the fatigue you get when you fake laugh at a joke that isn’t funny, or you humor a pseudo-intellect with no common sense who blathers on about the biology of gender fluidity.

Speaking of politics (or a lack of common sense), I keep getting these letters from Senator Cruz. They say, “Kelly, do you want us to do whatever it takes to fight the Democrats?” Then I push the Yes button, and am taken to a donation site. Now I love Cruz (nasally twang and all) but what fresh hell is this? Is he not aware that the members of Congress are some of the highest paid Americans? I thought we were already paying them to fight for our best interests. Now they need more? I like to daydream the outcome of a donation from me….

Closing my eyes, I envision a black and white NY gangster movie; your classic film noir gumshoe genre. Cruz comes up to Schumer, and in a NY accent says, “Now look here, Chuckie; you’re gonna take this fin, you’re gonna sit down, and you’re gonna shut your pie hole. Ms. Bells wants that you do these things for her, see?” And with hands up and big, wide eyes, Schumer says, “Easy, easy, Teddy! My boys and I have no issues with Ms. Bells!” With a big grin, Cruz replies, “That’s right, Chuckie; I’ll see ya in the funny papers”!

That’s how the D.C. drama plays out in my head. In truth, the place is far more dramatic than that, which is why Trump fits right in. It is also why he is beating them at their own game; he’s better at it. Currently, I look forward to this travel ban going to the SCOTUS. If it is found to be unconstitutional, it is going to hurt the Dems far more than the Reps……………and that is going to be the funniest thing of all.

Scuse me while I kiss the sky

26 Jan

With each initiative that Trump makes — and he is the president of daily initiatives (high energy) — liberal mouths begin to froth, and their snarls become rabid barks. If you don’t believe me, go to the FB for a really good laugh.





Up to this point, I have no problems with any of Trump’s initiatives. Quite frankly, I think they’re beautiful. So yeah, I’m gloating in the well-earned state of bliss that comes from suffering for eight + years.







At least the liberal beta males – easily outed by their comments — can take heart in knowing that they still have this:


And the devout members of the Pussyhat Club for WomenTM can take heart in knowing that they still have this:

Meanwhile, conservatives will continue to relish in the fact that it is only Week One of Trump’s presidency. J

Schooling Fish

15 Jan

Have you ever noticed how frenzied fish become when you’re feeding them? I like to feed the lone fish on the outskirts. He always says to me, “Allo, luv. ‘Ave a butcher’s at me chinas; lost their marbles, they ‘ave. Cor blimey! Would you Adam and Eve it?”

Yes, I believe it. The frenzied fish remind me of how liberals behave (sans the Cockney accent) around Trump (the bread). The lone fish are the people standing back, and wondering what the hell has happened to the gray matter trapped between the ears of the friends they once thought they knew.

Yesterday, I got to see a lot of famous movie stars try to sing a popular song in reaction to Trump becoming president. It will be gratifying when real singers, who can actually sing, parody these overpaid snowflakes. It will also be a bigger hit. Why? The people have spoken, and it’s driving the schooled fish into a frantic, frenetic freak-out. Seriously, can they get any nuttier?

The other day I was on the FB and this libertarian friend wrote a post about her politics. She said she has some lefty views as well as some views from the right. One thing she noticed, she explained, is that the people on the left resort to name-calling and really cruel, mean comments when her beliefs don’t coincide with theirs. She said she didn’t get that rabid behavior from people on the right. She noted that this was just her observation, but would appreciate more civility.

For myself, I rarely post anything political because I believe what I commented to the abovementioned friend: Politics is like underwear: You can’t change other people’s.

While I know deep down, I could hurt the already butthurt majority of my lib friends (both mentally and physically) I resist the urge, and keep walking on sunshine. Why waste energy? Not to say that I won’t throw in a little barb now and again, but I typically try to make it funny. I’ve also added the emojis because I know that libs don’t understand most jokes. J See? Isn’t that nice? Precious.

The beautiful thing about a positive attitude is it comes back to you. That’s not to say that a troll won’t try to rain on your Trump parade. Thankfully, my sister showed me the FB delete button, and my girlfriend introduced me to the FB acquaintance button. How wonderful! Why post a cute puppy pic only to have a troll tell you that Trump is a Russian spy? Or Trump’s Hitler……or Trump caused the deficit….or

Of course, there is the problem of me forgetting where to find these helpful buttons in the future. Technology learned in my mind is like a Snapchat conversation; it’s there, then it’s gone. (As a side note, I believe Podesta regrets not using that app)

The most difficult concept for liberals to accept is reality. In futility, the Dems can raise a ruckus or sit on the floor, the stars can make speeches or destroy really good songs; but in five days; Donald J Trump is going to become the POTUS, and the sheltered school of little rainbow goldfish will have to come to terms with that reality.



More Meme Fun

18 Dec

Maybe I’m just a delusional blonde, but I feel a new, jovial, Christmas-y air in America; an optimism that has taken hold as a weight is being lifted. This momentum will not be stopped by a bunch of eggheads. I’m referencing the “Hillary or Canada” looney birds. They were stopped at the border……..

….. and have revamped their shenanigans.

They’ve moved from Plan A to Plan B (or is it Plan C at this point?) and are now threatening the electors. The Democrats’ monkey business is just outright funny to me. The party has become a parody of itself, and I can’t find it inside of myself to take them seriously. Will the electors switch their votes because of alleged Russian hacking? Nope. Will they switch their vote to get off of Clinton’s hit list? Maybe a few. What these ding-dong-dummy Democrats have done is exactly what Harry Reid did in the Senate: Cut off the nose to spite the face.

They lost. They’re fired. They can take comfort in knowing that states will be helping ease their pain:

With every position that Trump fills, another liberal head explodes. We are about to experience a country run as a corporation. This should be interesting. I believe it’s definitely promising. An egotistical capitalist will prove more beneficial than an egotistical socialist, or a screeching liberal liar. The electricity that you feel in the air is the contagion of everyone with common sense knowing this.

For the paranoid conservatives who think the worse (that Hillary will be our next president); I give you this funny, but true, meme:

Won’t it be great when people have jobs?

Won’t it be great when law and order will prevail?

Are ya starting to get that warm, Christmas-y, peace-on-Earth-good-will-toward-men type of feeling? Me, too! Here’s a selfie:

And here’s one minute of inspiration from our PEOTUS:

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And May the Force be with You!

Good to Know…..

15 Dec