Whatchya Wearin?

7 Mar

Lately, when I’ve logged onto the Facebook, I seem to run across the same people as I scroll. At first I thought these friends just post a lot, which is kind of true. Then I thought I had been banned from a lot of people, which is also kind of true. But the sinister option that I did not want to admit to myself was that I am being algorithmed.

Remember when the libs went full retard on the FB over Trump saying president for life is not a bad idea? (They’ll never get his humor). Zuckerberg’s pal, President Xi in China, on the other hand, isn’t joking. He’s pulling another Zuckerberg via Jack Ma (Alibaba) to algoritihm the Chinese into good indentured servants.

A few years back, Zuckerberg helped China via Facebook. I’m pretty sure this is when his commie fantasy of being president for life took root as he brought his algorithms home to roost. If you recall, he did a “tour” of America to meet his constituency. Why else would he talk to farmers in the Midwest about his diaper-wearin, golden-egg-layin chickens?

If conservatives think that it’s rough having their second amendment right slammed, take a look at what’s happening to our first amendment. Billion dollar companies (FB, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon) receiving tax subsidies control a majority of the information you relay/receive. They want to control what you say and what you think (not to mention, what you wear)……….which is exactly why Mueller is still able to spend hard-earned tax dollars on a scam. The biggest sham in history is being played out in order to protect an elite class of tax-payer funded individuals from being prosecuted and thrown into the hoosegow.

While Boris, Natasha, and mindless Dems cheer on Mueller’s tax-bleeding, so called “due process” charade, they have no problems disregarding due process as it relates to their mindless #metoo crusade against men. In case you need a refresher: #blacklivesmatter, #bluelivesdont. Illegals are welcome to suckle from Uncle Sam’s teat, but war heroes must remain sitting in VA waiting rooms. Guns kill people, but abortions kill blobs.

Thank you, social media and algorithms. #tyrannyrocks By the by; does the media really hate Trump and conservatives? Honestly, being that they’re so unbiased and everything (only 93%negative press); I just wasn’t positively sure.

In the end we’ll get the last laugh. We’re Americans after all (except for those undocumented illegal squatters). Unfortunately, it’s at that point that it’s not funny for anyone anymore. History lesson:


Katie Kool-Aid

13 Feb

Yesterday, I noticed that Katie Couric made a jackass of herself. Apparently, she was telling the 10 Americans who were watching the Olympics that the Dutch are so great at speed skating because that’s how they get to work. She must’ve put on her usual matter-of-fact tone, because everybody who wasn’t a gullible American, corrected her in a not-so-gentle way.

This Katie is so annoying to me because of her supercilious attitude, and her supposition that she is always right. I remember an interview she did with Ann Coulter. Coulter was destroying her with sheer logic. What a concept! Unbelievably, Katie kept insisting that she was right. Coulter gave her the “you-need-help-lady” look.

Like the harpies on the View, females on the left have lost their ability to think rationally. I’m convinced it comes from “Yes Profs” in college who would kiss their asses when they followed along with the progressive program. This is why they proclaim their utter nonsense with complete authority; they actually believe they’re correct.

Another disturbing thing I’ve noticed about Couric; it looks like she uses the same PS as Kaitlin Jenner. With so much money, can’t she afford to look better than a pre-op tranny?

What the MSM Won’t Report….

22 Dec

via Oh Dear – Trail of Russian Dossier Origination Now Directly Leads to The Obama White House….

The Dawn of Wonder Woman

7 Dec

With each new day comes another man on the chopping block for sexual misconduct. While the Sexual Inquisition started in Hollywood with Harvey Weinstein, it has now spread like an STD to all walks of life.

If you think this has anything to do with libs awakening to newfound morals; you got another think coming. There is an agenda; there always is. What is the grand plan? I have a theory….

First question is timing. Why are all of these women just now speaking out?
Of course Hollywood attributes this patriarchal takedown as a response to the Trump administration. This has got to be lib lunacy at its height. Then again, Pelosi is bemoaning the tax bill which she has yet to read, so what’s new?

Do I think these guys are pervs and committed a lot of pervy acts? Yes and yes. Do I think if the women felt disparaged, they should’ve spoken up at the time of these incidents, and are only now jumping on the bandwagon because there’s something to gain from it? Yes and Yes.

By no means am I defending the alleged actions of perverts; I’m just wondering about the timing, and why the much delayed forthcoming accusations from the alleged victims isn’t questioned. In other words, why is their word golden? Is it because they are brave and they’re a wonder? Of course, women never lie, and should never be questioned about a rape accusation. This girl and this girl just needed some extra attention is all….

Coincidently, at the same time as the Perv Purge, we have a former president on a world tour condemning a sitting president, (treasonous if you ask me) and the accused men, while proffering women: Speaking at an invitation-only conference, Les Napoleons, on Saturday, the 44th president told the room about “the importance of more focus on putting women in power because men seem to be having some problems these days,”
French news agency AFP reported.

In addition, we have a sore loser presidential candidate on a paid speaking tour (who ought to be in prison if you ask me) making comments like this: “Every day I believe more in karma,” Clinton said to that, referring further to several “men who shaped the narrative” during the campaign who have since been sidelined in the wave of sexual harassment scandals. “The only way we will get sexism out of politics is to get more women in politics,” she said, adding that she has encouraged many young women to get involved with politics, sometimes by running for office themselves. http://www.phillyvoice.com/hillary-clinton-returns-to-philly-to-talk-election-her-book-and-the-way-forward/

Lo and behold! This morning I noticed that Time made its “Person of the Year” the crazy cat ladies women who broke their silence.

Getting back to my theory; I don’t hold a lot of stock in so many coincidences. If we step back and look at the big picture, it appears the left is itching to mirror our neighbors across the pond, and implement a matriarchal government. Why? Well, historically, they are always taken over by a patriarchal regime. It’s happening before our very eyes over there. Their laws are being changed to accommodate aggressive patriarchal Muslim migrants. What’s to stop them chipping away at our own constitution? A travel ban? That would be lifted with a wonder woman in charge.

Be on the lookout for more praises of women like the liberal mistress of Willie Brown, senator Kamala Harris; she’s a wonder. Note that conservative women like Sarah Sanders will be bashed; she’s SNL fodder. Buckle up, boys. We have entered the Dawn of Wonder Woman……


Meanwhile, back at the ranch…..









An actress opines

19 Oct

Here I am at the theatre. When one doesn’t come on until the bottom of Act I, one has time to ponder……

The left is doomed by their undoing. Whether or not they intended to expose their hypocrisies — which I’m quite certain they did not — their damage control only sinks them further into a disturbed and disconnected reality to which the majority want no association.

If we look at the headlines, we are gobsmacked with utter nonsense. Who knew a girl could be a boy scout? Biology be damned; the only true science is climate science; so long as the govt. can tax via the weatherman.

Ah, now the latest news is the hypocritical Harvey Weinstein hotties. It’s actually quite brilliant timing because it makes the left look even more stupid; which one would assume is impossible……………. until the next day.

If a girl wants to have sex, she will. If a girl wants to bargain with sex, she will. If a girl is raped, she will report it or she won’t. If a girl waits 30+ years to report a rape or assumed assault, she is a crazy cat lady in serious need of attention. The crazy cat ladies must follow the feminist herd. If one is gonna knit a pussy hat, you can bet your sweet ass, they’ll all be marchin against Trump (not Harvey) in said hats.

Personally, I can’t wait to hear what Streep’s lecture to the masses will be at the next awards ceremony. Hollywood’s stocks are dropping as fast as the NFL’s.

With every new day, people who normally aren’t interested in politics, now find themselves having to defend normal behavior. For that, I must thank the left. We will see a Republican president for quite some time. Simply put; when the economy is good, you do not want to be lectured by the minority, Hollywood, or crazy cat ladies.

Time to post this…..it’s getting old.


Nugget from the FB

4 Oct

“They’ve tied patriotism to race now. It’s what the Bolsheviks did in Russia except with the Jews.

“And that’s why Hitler made the mistake of blaming the Jews for what happened in Russia.

“The Jews were a “repressed minority” in Russia. The schools lied as to how Russia fell. It didn’t come from the peasant class. It came from the universities. Young kids with weak minds swallowing the Ivory Tower ignorance of professors.

“This is why almost all of the Bolshevik leadership was so young and Jewish.

“They attach themselves to the “repressed minority” So that any attack against them is an attack on the repressed minority in their propaganda.

“Then they use the minority as their foot soldiers and cannon fodder.

“I have a bunch of videos of how they’ve used the tactic in Ireland, Spain, the US but I can show it in almost every nation.

“The Puerto Rican terrorist that they held up in Ukraine was another example. He was actually a Marxist fighting against “US oppression.”

“They call them “nationalists” in their propaganda so you don’t see that they’re Marxists and Marxism avoids the blame.

“A Marxist cannot be a nationalist because Marxism doesn’t believe in Nations. Nations are a means of controlling the working class to the Marxists.

“So they use the patriotic appeal of Nationalism for separatism. This is the spark for revolution. The minority class having no idea that they’re just being used.

“Look at Ho Chi Minh. They say that he was a “nationalist.” But communism takes the country.

“It’s lie on top of lie for the purpose of sparking civil wars based on race or ethnicity then from there Revolution.”

The Snake -Oil Salesman Squirm

8 Aug

Comedy gold…..